Best Kava For Anxiety: The Remedy for Stress

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Many of us have significant issues with anxiety on a day to day basis, with a wide spectrum of impact on quality of life. There are many treatments available for anxiety, with several prescription drugs and supplements that can have anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety effects. However, many of the prescription drugs have nasty side effects, addiction potential, and several downsides. And many of the supplements don’t do a very good job of treating anxiety. So what about kava, the millennia-old entheogen from the Pacific Islands? Does Kava treat anxiety, and if so, what is the best kava for anxiety?

The answer is yes, Kava can be an outstanding anxiolytic, and has far fewer downsides than most prescription drugs. Especially when used responsibly! However, there are many bad kavas on the market, irresponsibly produced by unscrupulous vendors, likely made using poor-quality kava with little oversight. These should be avoided whenever possible.

This article looks at the best Kavas for anxiety treatment and will look at several excellent choices from top reputable vendors.

Note: I am not a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, psychanthing at all. I simply enjoy Kava and hope to help those who would benefit from it find good quality options. None of this information is meant to be medical advice, and I encourage you to seek treatment if your anxiety is impacting your life in any significant way. 

Best Kava for Anxiety

In this article, we’ll look at four excellent kava options for those who have anxiety disorder, depression, and stress. Of course, there are several different types of anxiety, triggered at different times of the day, and treatments and remedies may be different. All of these Kavas are pretty high quality and are made by reputable vendors with appropriate ingredients and practices.

Here are some techniques for using mindfulness meditation to tame anxiety, and here is an article by a psychiatrist on helping to manage anxiety.

Top Choice: Ozia Originals Kava Stress Relief Candy

Ozia Originals Kava Tablets, the Best Kava for Anxiety
Ozia Originals Kava Tablets, the Best Kava for Anxiety

Without a doubt, the best kava on the market for quick, easy anxiety relief is the Ozia Originals Kava Candy. These little candies are easy to pack away, and should the stress of the day start to get overwhelming, simply pop a candy in your mouth, place it under your tongue, and suck on it until it dissolves. Repeat if necessary, and by the time the second candy is dissolved, your anxiety will have dropped significantly. From a 9 to a 5, as the literature says.

Many find it useful to take two at a time.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Each tablet contains 50mg of Kavalactones
  • Kava Chemotype is 245XXX
  • Made from a blend of Vanuatu and Hawaiian Kava strains
  • Produced in Hawaii
  • Cheaper when purchased in bulk
  • Discreet Kava experience

The Bottom Line: Quick Anxiety Relief

There is no preparation at all to these candies, they’re not terribly expensive, they taste quite good, and they are produced in Hawaii by a reasonably responsible company. The Ozia Originals Kava Candies are the best kava tablets available, and one of the only good methods of consuming Kava that doesn’t involve preparation.

This unique set of properties make the Ozia Originals the best choice for those with anxiety disorder and depression. They should be the first stop in your Kava journey. You don’t really need to know anything at all about Kava to take these. And you’re ingesting a candy, not a supplement or pill.

The whole package is top notch. And while these won’t knock you over with their potency, they do turn the anxiety down quite effectively. They are the best kava for anxiety available.

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Kalm with Kava Micronized Borogu

KWK Micronized Borogu
KWK Micronized Borogu

Kalm With Kava is one of the best Kava Kava vendors around, and their Micronized Borogu is a great choice for those who want a more traditional preparation of Kava, but in a small enough package to throw in a bag for easy transport.

The Micronized Borogu comes from Vanuatu and is tested to be 100% Noble Kava, free of any Tudei strains. This is a good thing!

Key Points at a Glance

  • Vanuatu Kava
  • Serving size is 2-4 teaspoons
  • About 8-10 servings per container
  • Container easily packed away when not in use

The Bottom Line: The Answer to Stress

Compared to the Kava Candies, the Micronized Borogu is a more involved preparation process, but it’s still not too hard to make. It is certainly a much closer experience to the traditional Kava tea beverage enjoyed in the Pacific Islands and can be quite potent when enough is taken.

A couple of teaspoons of micronized Kava can be stirred into your favorite beverage and drank straight, typically without straining. The Kava will likely turn your favorite beverage into a flavor that is not your favorite beverage, so be prepared. The KWK Borogu packs a powerful kavalactone punch, so start with a couple of teaspoons, and take more as needed.

The fact that this Kava is micronized means that the insoluble fibers are largely removed, and the end result should be very little to no stomach discomfort (but there may be some tummy troubles, especially if you are prone to them). It can help ease you to sleep, and bring you to a place of calm relaxation.

Micronized Instant Kava Powder - Vanuatu Borogu (4 oz)
  • Micronized Kava - Instant Kava - No Preparation...
  • Simply stir in 2-4 teaspoons in any beverage and...
  • Specially processed to remove coarse fibers
  • Noble Certified Vanuatu Kava

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Kava Supreme Vanuatu by Kavafied

Kava Supreme Vanuatu Kava Root
Kava Supreme Vanuatu Kava Root

Kavafied is the maker and supplier of the fine Aluball Kava Making System (see my review here and pick one up!), but they also supply their own Kava as well. The Kava Supreme Vanuatu strain is a pleasant Vanuatu Kava also certified noble and free of Tudei Kava.

This heady Kava is a traditional ground root beverage, and the Kava preparation for this type of Kava is generally much more involved than the other ones on our list. However, it is also the most “authentic” Kava, as it is not processed.

Should you want to try one of these Kavas, the Aluball mentioned above is a wonderful system that greatly simplifies the Kava making process. It turns Kava making into something more akin to making a protein shake, which is great.

Key Points at a Glance

  • 100% Vanuatu Borogu Kava, a great relaxing strain
  • Blend of crown and lateral roots
  • Serving size is generally 2-4 tbsp mixed with water
  • Needs to be prepared and strained

The Bottom Line

If you find that the effects of Kava tea are working for your anxiety, moving to a strained root beverage is a good idea. The traditional root is the best, highest quality, and most cost-effective method of Kava use. You can get the widest variety of strains in this format, and when you use the Aluball, the preparation is quite easy.

You’ll also get the best price per dose with these types of Kava, and if you find that Kava is effective for your anxiety, it’s probably best to stick to ground root like the Kavafied Vanuatu root beverage.

Kavafied KAVA Supreme Powder - Noble Premium Quality Kava Root (8oz)
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  • Strong and Smooth Noble Kava Kava Drink Mix
  • A Premium Blend of 100% Noble Vanuatu Kava
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Kalm with Kava Relaxation Concentrate

Kalm with Kava Relaxation Concentrate
Kalm with Kava Relaxation Concentrate

Kalm with Kava produces a relaxation concentrate, a concentrated beverage that comes in a bottle format that very much resembles a bottle of hot sauce. Each bottle contains 10 doses, and the concentrated Kava is mixed with your favorite beverage for a quick dial down in the stress department.

This anxiety Kava is mixed with flavorings to make the experience more palatable, but surprisingly each serving only adds 11 calories, so it’s not super sugary. It does contain some adjuncts, including California poppy, and more importantly, some alcohol (about 15% undiluted, about 2% diluted).

Key Points at a Glance

  • Each bottle contains 10 servings of concentrated Kava
  • Each package contains 3 bottles of Kava Concentrate
  • Does not need to be refrigerated
  • Great introduction into the Kava world
  • Contains alcohol, L-theanine, and California poppy
  • Discreet Kava experience

The Bottom Line: A Soothing Anxiety Reducer

The Kalm with Kava Relaxation Concentrate is another excellent option for those who want the anxiolytic benefits of Kava but who don’t want to deal with the preparation and taste of the traditional beverages. It’s not quite as convenient as the Kava Candy, but it’s not inconvenient and packs away easy for those who want their Kava on the go.

Like the Kava Candy, KWK’s Relaxation Concentrate is quite discreet, and most likely no one will have any idea that you’re taking a mood-altering substance when you pour a bit of the concentrate into your cup of water. This stuff contains California Poppy, which is known to help with sleep.

KWK’s Relaxation Concentrate is top quality, but unfortunately, it’s pretty pricey per dose!

Kalm with Kava Relaxation Concentrate
  • Great for people new to kava or those who hate the...
  • 3 Bottles Kava Concentrate - 10 servings per...
  • Ease stress while not sacrificing mental clarity
  • Great for flying, work stress, anxiety, and...
  • Whatever stresses you, just add some Kalm!

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Conclusion: Best Kava for Stress

If you’re stressed out and need a quick, non-prescription answer, there’s no question that your best option is to keep some of the Kava candies with you. These little candies are effective, inexpensive, discreet, and rather tasty. Your backup is likely the Kalm with Kava Concentrate if you want to try a pre-flavored beverage.

Beyond that, it’s best to move into actual Kava beverages, with the Kalm with Kava Borugu Micronized as an easy-to-prepare grog, and the Kava Supreme Vanuatu as an excellent anti-anxiety traditional Kava Root Beverage.

Good luck, and I hope these work well for your stress!