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Best Sauna Accessories. Make Your Sauna Bath Magical!

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In Finland, saunas are a part of everyday life and have been for over 2000 years. People have been going for sauna baths for millennia in order to reap the benefits and enjoyment of a sauna. Many confuse the various types of sauna with steam rooms but there are various differences in how they work. Most saunas rely on dry heat with little humidity, whereas steam rooms use less heat and more humidity.

All you need is a 15-30 minute sauna to soothe away your aches and stresses of the day. Just be aware of dehydration from the loss of fluids. It’s easy to get the balance back again by drinking a couple of glasses of water after a sauna bath. And you may even lose a little (water) weight!

Saunas, and in particular infrared saunas, have become very trendy with today’s busy and chaotic lifestyle. When we work hard at the gym, we need a quick fix to unwind and keep our body healthy. Saunas can be a part of such a routine, before or after a workout.

You can either go to a public sauna, get a sauna built into your home, or even choose a portable sauna.

Whichever you choose, there are a few accessories that will improve your experience of saunas. In this article, we’ll look at several useful accessories you may want to keep in your gym locker, or by the entrance to your home sauna.

Top Sauna Accessories

sauna accessories guide

Whether it’s spa towels that aren’t going to fall down while you’re sitting in the public sauna, or a lovely new sauna bucket and ladle set, we have all the best sauna accessories on this list.

Whether you need infrared suana accessories, or some items for your traditional sauna, these will amp up your sauna experience, and make each visit that much more magical.

1. DII Men’s Adjustable Microfiber Wrap Sauna Towel

DII Men's Adjustable Microfiber Wrap

Key Points at a Glance

  • Material: 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Fastener and pocket

The Details

Available in three sizes and also designed to be longer with each increased size. A hook and loop fastener secures the wrap in place, which is also adjustable for varying waist sizes. Choose from ten different colors.

Sit in comfort while you’re in the sauna, without concern that your towel will get out of place. See our guide to sauna etiquette for further information.

The long woven toweling loops make the fabric more absorbable and a breathable. It has a Terry cloth interior and a velour exterior, which is soft to touch.

There’s a small front pocket for carrying personal items that you might want to keep with you.

The wrap is machine washable and doesn’t need added fabric softeners as it gets even softer with every wash. The plush thickness makes this a fluffier fabric than most premium towels.

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2. Boca Terry Women’s Wrap – 100% Cotton

Boca Terry Women’s Wrap - 100% Cotton

Key Points at a Glance

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Snap Fasteners, elastic band, and pocket

The Details

With four different waist sizes, ranging from medium/large, up to XXXXX, there’s a size for most people. This Boca heavy-towelling wrap is designed for all body shapes. At 36-inches long, there’s plenty of room for movement as you lay down or sit up to relax in the sauna.

Secure it with four adjustable plastic snap-fasteners. You will also feel protected with the elasticated top. Use the deep pocket to carry around any personal items you need in the sauna.

This knee-length towel-wrap comes in 4 different colors. It has a soft velvet touch on the outside and a Terry cloth-feel on the inside. Machine washable and quick-drying, this is a quality toweling fabric that is long-lasting.

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3. UWECAN Sauna Wooden Bucket and Ladle Kit

UWECAN Sauna Wooden Bucket and Ladle Kit

Key Points at a Glance

  • Material: natural Pinewood
  • Package includes 3 piece set of: Bucket, Inner plastic bowl, Ladle

The Details

Sauna Bucket and Ladle Kit

All traditional and barrel saunas have a wood-fired or electric sauna stove that heats-up sauna rocks, such as basalt. To create steam and raise the temperature, users ladle water over the hot rocks. Some love to add sauna essential oils like eucalyptus to the water for even more magic. This process is the key dynamic that makes a traditional sauna so unique.

The adjustable humidity makes all the difference.

But to make those adjustments, you need a sauna bucket and ladle like the UWECAN set shown here.

Sauna buckets are made from various materials, including steel and copper. Wood, is a natural choice, and you can’t beat the smell of fresh pine. It also absorbs the hot steam of the sauna room, unlike metal that can soon become hot.

If you’re using a public sauna, then equipment such as this may already be available. If you have your own private sauna, then this kit is an essential accessory.

This bowl’s inner liner is a high-quality PE plastic, which fits inside the wooden bucket. The liner holds up to 4.5 liters of water. The 15.5-inch ladle length helps to keep your hands safe while pouring hot water. And the plastic liner protects the wood from direct contact with water.

Pine can withstand the moisture in the air, but is also best dried out in between sauna sessions. By keeping the wood protected in this way, it will last much longer.

The bucket has a wooden handle for ease of carrying it around, and it’s also aesthetically pleasing.

The UWECAN kit is an excellent sauna bucket and ladle.

Unitrox Sauna Wooden Bucket and Ladle Kit,Uwecan Sauna Accessories with Liner for Sauna & SPA - Made...
Unitrox Sauna Wooden Bucket and Ladle Kit,Uwecan Sauna Accessories with Liner for Sauna & SPA - Made...
【Size】Wooden bucket:9.5'' Dia x 5.5'' H,Ladle:15.5'' L.; 【What you get】Wooden bucket x 1,Liner x 1,Ladle x 1.

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4. UWECAN Sauna Clock

UWECAN Sauna Clock

Key Points at a Glance

  • Material: natural poplar
  • Will work in your sauna or anywhere in your home
  • Size: H23.5 x W16 inches.

The Details

Wooden Sauna Clock

It’s important to be aware of how long you’re in the sauna for each session. Often sauna bathers like to spend 15 or so minutes in the sauna, then leave for a cool break, and step back in for a second sauna session. It’s also a good idea to avoid technology while in the sauna. Many phones aren’t designed to take the heat of a sauna, so a dedicated sauna clock is a great idea.

This UWECAN Sauna Clock is made of poplar, and will work well in a sauna, or anywhere in your home!

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5. Dynamic Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack

Dynamic Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack

Key Points at a Glance

  • Material: natural Hemlock wood (pine with knots)
  • Package includes 2 piece set
  • Size: H23.5 x W16 inches.

The Details

For those who use a public sauna, you might prefer to take along your own backrest. That way you will know that you’ll comfortable with the shape you’ve chosen.

Plus, it’s more hygienic.

They’re easy to wash by using a cloth with mild soap or a sauna cleaner, and then a simple rinse. Backrests are great for enhancing your sauna experience. It’s important to find one that is comfortable for your own posture. Note the S-shape of this pair of wooden backrests, which will aid comfort in the sauna room

To can use it by leaning the backrest against the wall of the sauna, and lean your body onto it. The rung design means your perspiration won’t collect because it’s well ventilated. The wood has a natural finish with no staining so it feels smooth and soft to touch.

They are lightweight at only 2-pounds each, making them easy to take along to your local spa. They come ready assembled and have a 3-year warranty so will last for many trips. If you find they slip, you can always put adhesive rubber pads on the feet.

Many users state that backrests help to ease muscle tension, so they have to be worth a try.

Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack
Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack
Set of two backrests; Constructed from natural solid Canadian Hemlock wood; Ergonomic design for added comfort

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6. Shower Shoes Slip Resistant

Secure SRSS-1XL Slip Resistant Shower Shoes

Key Points at a Glance

  • Material: Mesh nylon uppers
  • Heavy-duty soles

The Details

Whilst you don’t want to wear anything on your feet that feels heavy and uncomfortable, you do need some foot protection when in a public area. That’s why these slip-resistant shower shoes are a perfect choice.

With grooves ingrained on the under soles, you can be confident that you won’t slip on wet floors. The upper material is seamless so heels and toes don’t suffer any unnecessary rubbing. This design also allows the material to expand to the shape of your foot. The mesh fabric lets in plenty of airflow, so your feet don’t get hot and wet with perspiration in the heat of the sauna. The high backs and elasticated tops will ensure this footwear doesn’t slip off your feet.

They come in three different sizes between 5-12. Machine washable on a gentle cycle they are also quick drying because of the fabric used. Latex-free and very lightweight, so they’ll fit in your gym bag easily. Also, come with a 90-day warranty.

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7. Borsch Russian Sauna Hat Natural Sheep’s Wool

Borsch Russian Sauna Hat Natural Sheep's Wool

Key Points at a Glance

  • 100% natural sheep’s wool
  • One size only

The Details

A wool hat? For a sauna?! I hear you say.

No, it isn’t a joke. There are many benefits to wearing a hat in a sauna:

It can stop your head from overheating, or even suffering from heatstroke. Wearing the right type of hat will make sure you don’t suffer any lightheaded dizzy spells. These are not unusual symptoms in a sauna, but they are avoidable.

There are many tiny capillaries in your head. When the heat rushes to your head, as it does in a sauna, these little veins can start to bleed a little under the skin.

The dry heat of a sauna can also make your hair dry and brittle. Wearing a hat will prevent this.

Traditionally, people have worn wool-felt hats, and not without good reason. You shouldn’t wear any old baseball hat, it needs to be a hat that insulates. That way, your head stays at the right temperature and is not affected by the heat.

If you’re still skeptical then try comparing the difference. Have a sauna without a hat, and then the next time try wearing the right type of hat. You will notice the difference straight away. This is a very lightweight hat and does not cause any discomfort. It’s simple to wash by rinsing in cool water. Then, use the decorative loop at the top to hang up to dry, and also to store your hat away between uses.

The wool-felt absorbs moisture from your skin. At the same time, the natural insulation stops the skin on your head from reaching a high temperature.

Borsch Russian Sauna Hat Natural Sheep's Wool
Borsch Russian Sauna Hat Natural Sheep's Wool
Made of 100% Natural Sheep's Wool - Soft and Weightless. Thickness 3.00 mm. Eco Friendly; Convenient loop makes it easy to dry and store

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Whether you use a traditional steam sauna or one of the more modern infrared type, you should take a shower before you enter the sauna room. This helps clear the oily residue on your skin. Before you step into the sauna, make sure that you’re completely dry. If not, the cool water on your skin may slow down the heating process.

There is little doubt that having a sauna a couple of times a week can benefit your health. One study in Finland showed that it can help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 75%. The heat of a sauna releases more of the feel-good hormones known as endorphins. It also reduces blood pressure and aids muscle and joint recovery. The health benefits of having a regular sauna are well documented. From sweating out toxic bacteria to leaving your skin softer, it can even help with weight loss.

The dry heat of a sauna can reach up to 185F, so it’s better to be prepared. By taking along a few extra accessories, you will enhance your experience and comfort in the sauna room. By taking the correct precautions, your sauna experience will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin will gain a lovely healthy glow.