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Bongers Massage: A How To Guide

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A massage is a great way to soothe the body after a hard day’s work or just to give your body a much-needed treat. However, massage therapy sessions can be costly, and depending on where you are, professional sessions can be difficult to schedule.

Enter the Bongers Massage.

Although you can’t exactly replace what your massage therapist can do at home, there are massage tools that you can use to give yourself that well-deserved massage. And of course, many spas and massage clinics use massage tools to help them provide better services. One of the massage tools that can help you provide or receive deep tissue massages are bongers massagers. Sure, there are many home massage products like hand-held massagers, massage chairs, neck and shoulder massagers, etc. But a Bongers Massage is a unique experience and is well worth exploring.

Bongers Massagers

Bonger Percussion Massage

Bongers are massage instruments that very much resemble drum mallets. You can use these to give a deep tissue massage that is much more impactful than just using your hands and fingers. This process is called a Bonger percussion massage. With this, the deep tissue massage can be done even at extended periods of time.

This is because instead of stressing your hands and fingers, you’ll use the bongers to yield more powerful results.

Bongers Percussion Massagers

A bonger percussion massage is similar to drumming. Instead of a drum set, bongers are used to tap the body. You can even decide to play some music and time the massage with the beat!

With the constant beat, a bonger percussion massage will feel like rhythmic strong taps. Some describe it as being under a waterfall, in a soothing and relaxing flow.

How To Perform Bongers Percussion Massage

Performing the bonger percussion massage is easy as drumming. All you have to do is to tap. You can perform this tapping massage on yourself, or use the bongers on some else for more potent effect. If you have a massage table, these can be a great extra!

Bongers Massagers in Action

There are a few techniques you can learn to further improve the massage session. One of them is the way you grip the bongers.

There are two main ways on how to do that and they are the German grip and the French grip.

German Grip

  1. Position your thumb on the edge of the wooden handle. The thumb should be perpendicular to the side of the flat metal shaft.
  2. Wrap your index finger around the wooden collar. Make sure that the first joint of your index finger is in line with the metal shaft. It is as if the metal shaft would be resting on the first joint of your index finger if the wooden handle isn’t there.
  3. Wrap your remaining fingers around the handle.
  4. Check your grip by making sure that the metal shaft is parallel with the line of your forearm. It is as if the metal shaft is an extension of your arm.
  5. Use your wrist to move the bonger. First, bring it up in the starting position. Use one motion to bring the bonger down. It will naturally bounce back to the starting position. Don’t fight the movement and allow it to go back naturally. You’ll feel that the stronger you stroke it, the more it will bounce back too.

French Grip

The French grip is very similar to the German grip. There is just a small difference and that is the position of your thumb in relation to the flat side of the metal shaft.

  1. First, hold the bonger with the German grip you learned above.
  2. Rotate the bongers and position the flat side of the metal shaft parallel to your thumb. This is the French grip and you can start moving the bongers from that position.
  3. You can choose to hold onto the handle only or extend your thumb and part of your index finger to touch the metal shaft. In this way, you can better control the recoil or the bouncing back of the bongers if it feels too floppy.
  4. Use your fingers in a flicking motion to perform the bongers percussion massage. Some people also prefer the French grip because of this. This technique can help prolong the bonger percussion massage especially when your wrists are tired from doing the motion when the German grip is used.

Any of the two grips can be used to perform the massage. You can change the intensity and speed depending on your preference or the preference of the person receiving the massage.

Like other massages, some like it hard while others would prefer gentler intensity.

When performing the massage on someone else, it is always best to communicate openly with them and ask whether they are comfortable with the intensity and speed.

Benefits Of Bongers Percussion Massage

Bongers Massagers on Back
  1. Pain relief – One of the main reasons why people have this massage is because it can help relieve pain in different areas of the body. It can be used on sore muscles, stiff joints, cramps or flat feet.
  2. Stress relief – The bongers percussion massage is also a great way to relax and release your stress away. Many spas and massage clinics provide this kind of service to help with anxiety and stress.
  3. Improve circulation – The rythmic and repeated action of the bongers on different areas of the body help stimulate the blood to flow. When the circulation is improved, different parts of the body are better nourished. Toxins are also removed more efficiently.
  4. A form of exercise – Using bongers on someone or even on yourself can help you exercise your arms, wrists and shoulders. This can strengthen such areas and also help out with hand-eye coordination. With the bongers percussion massage, you have to make movements and hit your target spot. This massage tool can also act as a rehabilitation tool for those who are recovering from stroke or those with dementia or Parkinson’s


Performing bongers percussion message is simple and easy to learn. There are two grips you can use to perform the massage and they differ very slightly from each other. The German grip mostly uses the wrist while the French grip offers an option to use the fingers to move the bongers. Either way, the intensities and speed of the taps can be easily controlled.

Performing or doing the bonger percussion massage has many benefits. They include pain relief, stress relief, improved circulation and exercise.

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