Can You Put Bubble Bath in a Foot Spa?

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A foot spa can be a great way to unwind after a long day spent on your feet or it can be a nice little addition to the perfect weekend. Whether your feet need the relief or if you just like the relaxing feeling of hot water surrounding them, giving your tired feet a little time in a foot spa opens up a whole new world of relaxation.

In this article we’re going to answer the question Can You Put Bubble Bath in a Foot Spa? There are many reasons why you’d want to bubble up your foot spa, and there are just as many reasons why it may not work.

There are plenty of different kinds of foot spas, including homemade ones that you can make with a large bowl and a bit of hot water. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to take a look at automated foot spas that have adjustable temperatures as well as a range of extra features that make them more versatile.

Let’s take a look.

Why Would You Want to Put Bubble Bath in a Foot Spa?

Foot Spa Heaven

The most obvious reason why you’d want to turn your foot spa into a mini bubble bath is because it feels good! Feeling the bubbles pop between your feet and toes adds a whole new dimension of relaxation to using your foot spa, and that’s not to mention the wide range of benefits that specific bubble bath mixes offer.

Unlike some children’s bubble bath solutions, most adult bubble bath liquids create plenty of bubbles but also have additional benefits. For example, some bubble bath solutions feature moisturizers added to them to ensure that your skin looks healthy and fresh when you step out of the bath (or foot spa).

Other types of bubble bath solutions may feature added soap, ensuring that you won’t have to add any extra soap to your foot spa to get your feet as clean as possible.

Many of us find that bubble baths are better for your mental health than regular baths, so imagine what bubbles will do for your foot spa!

Finally, you don’t even need a reason why you’d want to put some bubble bath solution in your foot spa. If it’s fun and it looks like a good idea, then that’s the only reason you need to do it.

However, whether you’d want to do it and whether you should do it are two entirely different matters.

Can You Put Bubble Bath in a Foot Spa?

If it’s a powered foot spa like the ACEVIVI Foot Spa, the answer is almost certainly no, foot spas and bubble bath don’t mix. For a short while, you’ll enjoy the bubbles. And then you’ll spend the next 20 minutes cleaning up a huge mess. 

Nothing says relaxation like mopping up a soapy disaster!

That said, some foot spas may be compatible with bubble baths. These tubs will usually be ones that done have a bubble jet feature.

Check Your Manual

To determine whether or not your foot spa would be compatible with a bubble bath solution, first take a look at is the owner’s manual. This will tell you everything that you should or shouldn’t do with your foot spa. But unfortunately, many manuals don’t specify whether or not you can add extra ingredients to your foot spa.

If the instructions fail to mention whether or not you can put extra things like soap or bubble bath in your foot spa, then it’s time to do a bit of investigating.

Take a look at your foot spa and determine if there are any components or parts that may be affected by the introduction of bubble bath soap. Don’t let water overflow in the foot spa, as it can risk electrocution.

If your foot spa is a simple tub without any additional openings, then you shouldn’t have any trouble adding bubble bath to it. This is because there’s nothing that can be damaged by the bubble bath, as the tub (typically made of plastic) won’t end up getting damaged by the bubble bath.

Foot Spas with Massage Jets

Foot Spa with Feet

On the other hand, foot spas with more advanced features may end up getting damaged by the solution. This is especially true for foot spas that have additional water jets that are designed to massage your feet or create bubbles of their own while you’re enjoying your dip in the warm water.

The holes through which the massagers rotate and water jets are created are prime areas where your bubble bath solution can get inside and gunk up the workings of the device.

While this may not destroy your foot spa, this runs the risk of making it so that your additional features malfunction.

Keep in mind that not all foot spas are created equally, and the best types to use bubble bath solution with are the simplest that don’t heat up their own water.

If you don’t have to plug your foot spa in so that you can use it, then you’ll typically be able to add anything you want to it.

Sticky Situations

Also, if possible, try to avoid using bubble bath solutions that are sticky. Since this can often be difficult to determine when your bubble bath solution is in liquid form, leave a little bit of it in a bowl overnight and return to it to find out if the residue it leaves behind is sticky. If the solution fully evaporates and leaves nothing behind, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Make sure that you only use hot water when adding additional things like bubble bath to your foot spa, and make sure that you put in the water before the solution. This will ensure that the solution isn’t given time to stick to the bottom surface of your foot spa when you add the water.

Clean it Thoroughly

When you’re done adding bubble bath to your foot spa, you’ll also want to make sure that you thoroughly clean it out. After you’re done using the foot spa, drain all of the water out of it and clean it out using either white vinegar (if there are holes for water jets and bubble-makers) or soap (if your foot spa is a simple tub).


Most likely you should not put any bubble bath in your foot spa, especially if it is a powered foot spa with jets or movement.

If you really want bubbles in your foot spa (and who doesn’t?), pick a foot spa with a bubble jet mode. These air jets produce soothing bubbles that supplement the massagers and other systems on your foot spa. For recommendations on excellent foot spas with bubble jets, see our article on the Best Foot Spas.

Good luck, and keep that bubble bath away from the foot spa!