How to Burn Frankincense Without Charcoal

Much of the highest quality frankincense is only available in resin form. Incense sticks and incense cones just don’t do frankincense justice. In order to get the full majesty and meaning of frankincense, burning resin incense is the way to go. But many of us don’t want to deal with troublesome charcoal discs. The self-lighting …

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Incense Sticks

Is HEM Incense Natural?

In the United States, one of the largest brands of incense sticks is HEM Corporation, a company with numerous state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities all over India. HEM exports incense sticks, cones, fragrance candles, potpourri and other aromatic products worldwide. Is HEM incense natural, or is it a more synthetic product? If you have ever visited India …

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