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Best Backflow Incense Burner: A Waterfall Of Calm

Incense is the old-guard of aromatherapy. The sticks and holders are a relic of the 1970s, and have been supplanted by essential oils and oil diffusers. Right?

Maybe not: incense still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Enter the backflow incense burner. These units use special backflow incense to create a downward motion and flow. The smoke appears to flow like water, down a waterfall, in a stunning, beautiful, calming way. They’re relaxing to watch, and are sure to be a conversation-starter.

In this article, we look at several of the top fountain incense burners available online. After a thorough review, we’ve found that the best backflow incense burner is the Flow.month Black Walnut Backflow Incense Burner.

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Colorful Incense

Best Incense Sticks in the World. 10 Top Incense Scents!

The right scent can transform a space from dank and drab to uplifting, beautiful, and warm. Sure, you can use essential oil diffusers or scented candles to get the scent. But incense has magic that those other objects don’t have. The smoke gives a visual focus, and the scents are often more powerful than candles and oils.

Incense feels holy and transcendent in a way that other scented objects don’t.

You can burn incense sticks in your home, at your place of worship, outdoors, or anywhere you want. They make the place smell great and help you relax. Incense can be used for therapy and meditation. It can also be used as an insect repellant.

So what are the best incense sticks in the world? There are so many incense brands, scents, and variety packs for sale. This article goes deep into the topic of incense and looks at the best smelling incense sticks available, and the best scents.

While all of these incenses on our list have distinct qualities, there is a clear winner. You must try the best: Shoyeido Golden Pavillion incense.

best incense sticks in the world

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Essential Oil and Light

Top 20 Essential Oils: The Essential Essential Oil List!

Essential Oils are the oils that are extracted from plants. These oils are highly concentrated and are used in a variety of ways. There are a huge variety of essential oils available, and they can be mixed and blended in myriad combinations. The variety and complexity can be mystifying, and many buyers are turned off because they don’t know where to start with essential oils.

This article looks at our top 20 essential oils, and goes over their common uses. This list of essential oils will give you some basic background as to the uses of many essential oils, and you can begin to shop for the ones that most appeal to you. Start mixing and blending, and the sky’s the limit!

Top 20 Essential Oils

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Essential Oils

Best Oil Diffuser for Large Room

Essential oil diffusers are great tools for creating pleasant-smelling environments, and also for (in some cases) providing calm, healing, and aromatherapy. If you have an open floor plan or just a large room you want to infuse with bright, delightful scents, you’ll need an essential oil diffuser capable of handling large rooms.

In this article, I look at four of the Best Oil Diffuser for Large Room use, and discuss in detail each system.

Two are ultrasonic dispensers, which tend to be cheaper, and function as humidifiers and essential oil diffusers. The other two are nebulizing atomizers, which do not use any water, but rather simply expel the pure essential oils into the room.

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Sauna Hot

Scents of Bliss: The Best Sauna Essential Oils

Best Sauna Essential Oil

If you want to choose a single essential oil, then there’s no question you should start with the Fab Naturals Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Eucalyptus is the ideal oil for sauna use, and this package is a great eucalyptus oil.

It comes in a stylish blue bottle designed to help better protect the oil inside, which is nice, as it is a big bottle and will last a while. This pure oil comes with a dropper and a strong scent making it a great addition to add during your time in the sauna.

Eucalyptus is the way to go in the sauna, and your sinuses will thank you!

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