What is Nuru Massage?

Have you heard about the (in)famous Nuru massage? Do you love the thought of taking the slippery plunge into probably the most intense erotic massage known with your partner, but you have no idea where to start?

Nuru massage is a traditional style of Japanese massage made famous by the well-trained geishas of Kawasaki, Japan. And these talented exotic beauties definitely knew a thing or two about the pleasure and joy available from erotic massage.

So, what is nuru massage? Well, if your love language is touch, then you’ll definitely want to learn how to do this traditional technique, which will add an energetic boost to your love life. Although certain special salons do offer this type of massage for their male clients, nuru massage is something you can do with your partner.

And you can have the nuru massage experience in the comfort of your own bedroom — or living room, or any other warm room with a carpet if you’re more adventurous. So, read on to find out what nuru massage is all about.

Where to Put a TENS Unit for Menstrual Cramps

When your dreaded monthly period starts, you may experience discomfort in your abdominal area, known as menstrual cramps. This discomfort might last for two to three days. Menstrual pain might be subtle or acute, and they can ache or throb.

Menstrual pain symptoms might range from a little discomfort to severe pain that prevents you from doing your daily tasks. In women under 30, period pains are the biggest reason for absenteeism!

We bet you didn’t know that almost all women with menstrual cycles face some agony during their periods, and still, almost ten percent of them are momentarily handicapped by these symptoms.

Many suffered have begun reaching for a TENS unit in search of pain relief. Does it even work? And with all those pads, how do you set it up correctly? In this article, we take a look at where to put a tens unit for menstrual cramps and explain what to do to find period relief.

Reiki Table vs Massage Table – A Thorough Comparison

 Reiki and massage are both therapies that are widely practiced all over the world. They are perfect for relieving stress, soothing our minds, and relaxing our bodies. Both of these practices have numerous mental and physical health benefits that pair up to improve your quality of life greatly.

It is a common misconception that Reiki and massage as one and the same, with people, even believing that Reiki is simply an ancient name for a massage technique. However, this simply isn’t true. While Reiki and massage may have similar end results, the two practices couldn’t be more different. They follow contrasting methodologies, and even the means of execution aren’t alike at all.

In this blog, we will make a thorough comparison of Reiki Table vs Massage Table and look over the differences in each practice. We will also consider any areas where the two techniques may intersect and answer some of the frequently asked questions about the two.

Neck and Shoulders

How Long Can You Use A TENS Unit?

TENS is an anagram for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator

These devices send small electrical pulses through several electrode patches that adhere to the skin. When the electrodes are placed around a painful area, an electrical pulse arcs through the target area, causing a slight buzzing or pulsing sensation. 

This electrical pulse causes your body to activate its natural self-defense mechanisms, releasing endorphins and pain-blockers to the area so that you no longer feel the inflammation that you used to. 

That’s great, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical pain relief! How long can you use a TENS unit? How frequently should you use it?

When used correctly, TENS is a great way to train your brain to ignore pain so that you can power through movements that once caused you far more pain. In addition to this, TENS can also stimulate blood flow to the area, which can speed up the healing process, especially in hard-to-reach joints that are naturally slow-healing. 

However, the one thing that makes some people a bit nervous in regards to using a TENS unit is that it’s literally shocking you

In today’s article, we’ll discuss how long can you use a TENS unit, how frequently you should use it, and we’ll cover some of the other common safety concerns that first-time users often ask. 

TENS Unit Placement for Sciatica

Sciatica pain is debilitating and chronic. Suffers look for any way to relieve the pain and promote healing. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is an effective, affordable pain relief option for those with sciatic pain. 

In this article, we will help you to understand the correct TENS unit placement for sciatica treatment, whether you are using a TENS unit at home, at the office, when traveling, or in a professional therapy session.

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What are the Side Effects of Massage Chairs?

The Best Massage chairs can provide users with the benefit of relaxed muscles and the overall pleasant feeling of a massage. 

Many users depend on electric massage chairs for helping to relieve tense muscles. These are an excellent choice when compared to things like painkillers! Massage chairs, along with TENS units, topical heat and cooling, and other treatments.

Are there side effects of massage chairs? There can be, depending on the chair and massage design.

Some are designed to reproduce more traditional massaging techniques–like hot stones–while others offer their own unique sets of massaging implements and sequences behind the cushion. 

Overall, massage chairs provide comfort and pain relief to thousands of consumers. At the same time, however, many actual and potential users of these chairs wonder if there are any side effects they should know about. 

This article will discuss any side effects of massage chairs as well as other relevant information. It will also give an overview of the products relevant to this issue. 

After reading this question response, massage chair users should have a good understanding of the side effects of these devices.   

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Do You Tip a Massage Therapist Covered By Insurance?

Many people turn to massage therapy as a way to relax and unwind. For others, it’s the only way to treat a certain medical issue. It can be a restorative experience. Once the session is done, though, you may wonder about tipping your massage therapist. However, it can be awkward to know how much, or if it’s appropriate. 

So, do you tip a massage therapist covered by insurance? In some cases, yes, and in others, no! This article will explore why and when you should tip your masseuse. 

Foot Spa Vs Foot Massage. Which is Best?

Perhaps you’ve just come home after a late-night shift, and your feet are throbbing with pain. Or maybe you wore the wrong shoes out to dinner, and now your feet are complaining. In either case, a foot spa or foot massage can help you overcome these issues from the comforts of your room.

But which one?

People often mistake a foot spa and foot massage as one and the same. However, this isn’t so. In this article, we discuss foot spa vs foot massage, which is best. We have also listed down the pros and cons for each and answered some commonly asked questions for your benefit. Let’s begin!

Will a TENS Unit Break Up Fat?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS) are battery-powered handheld devices that administer small bursts of electricity to your body through tiny adhesive electrodes.

TENS is an FDA-approved method for the short-term reduction of pain, and the devices can also be used to relax muscles by improving circulation and giving the user a better range of motion. 

As TENS units become more popular, many manufacturers have started to market these and similar devices for other uses like muscle relaxation and weight loss.

Will a TENS unit break up fat?is one of the most common questions that we come across. We figured that it was only fair for us to address the topic and give you all the facts you need to know!

Although electrostimulation has been studied for hundreds of years, scientists have just started to perform in-depth studies now that they have access to the proper testing equipment!

These “fat-burning” TENS devices often advertise that they are able to burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes and give the users the “targeted fat loss” they’ve been looking for. 

While some of these claims are trumped up, there is some legitimate science behind the claims. Let’s dig into it.

Massage Table Warmers

Best Massage Table Warmers

As a massage therapy enthusiast or professional, you’re always on the lookout for the ultimate tools to provide a wonderful experience during a session. One of the most luxurious massage tools is table warmers. These thick, soft heating pads lay over your massage tables, under the massage table sheets. They bring a whole new level of comfort to the client.

Massage table warmers are deluxe pads manufactured to help your clients relax and let go of any stress and pain building up in their bodies, under the influence of your capable hands, of course. The heat that they release works deep into your client’s muscles to remove any tension buildup and tightened ligaments due to physical injuries.

Today, we have reviewed the best massage table warmers available. These warmers have outstanding features with multiple settings and adjustable comfort levels for your client’s massage therapy session.

We will also closely look at their pros and cons and answer the most common questions that customers have. All of these will help you make the best buying decision for your massage practice.

Relaxation by the Water

Foot Spa Electrocution: Is It Real?

Foot spas are a Godsend! You can just plug them in, plop your feet in them and enjoy a cup of tea while getting a massage, all while sitting in the comfort of your home. After a long day, they are the perfect way to unwind and let go of the stress and soreness in your body. 

But what if someone told you that you could possibly get electrocuted during this entire process? Is foot spa electrocution a real phenomenon?

Electrical appliances that contain water always run the risk of causing electrocution. After all, water is a conductor of electricity. If an electric shock enters a small pool of water, well, the results can be quite shocking. Literally. And since foot spas contain rollers, jets, and warmers that are powered by electricity, the risk of electrocution may be enhanced in their case. 

For that reason, people are constantly advised to stay cautious when using them.

If you have the same questions in mind, keep reading our guide to determine whether it is possible or not, what safety precautions you can take when using foot spas, and much more. 

Does a TENS Unit Relax Muscles?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS Units) has become extremely popular for pain relief, recovery, and relaxation. It’s even been promoted as a muscle builder, but that might be a bit of a stretch.

Many people are wondering: Does a TENS Unit Relax Muscles? Yes, it does relax muscles!

In this article, we’re going to look at how transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) can treat pain, and answer the question of how does a TENS unit relaxes muscles. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should purchase one of these high-tech recovery devices, then this article’s for you! 

Can You Build Muscle with a TENS Unit?

TENS is a form of electrostimulation that involves sending a small electric current through the body. It’s not powerful enough to harm you, but it is enough to cause your body to release pain-killing endorphins and cause your muscles to flex.

This method of treatment is an excellent short-term therapy for pain reduction and muscle recovery. As TENS units have grown in popularity, though, many companies have started advertising their TENS devices can help you build muscle, increase endurance, and help you “hack” your way to a better body. 

Many people ask: Can you build muscle with a TENS unit?

The answer is: sort of, but, it’s certainly not the full story. 

In this article, we’ll address some of the more ridiculous claims made by some manufacturers. We’ll also discuss the various ways that TENS can help you get more out of your workouts! 

Are Percussion Massagers Safe? Use Yours Correctly!

All of us have pain somewhere. Chances are you, like me, have at least one or two spots on your body that are painful, tight, uncomfortable, and cause problems throughout the day. Some people have a bad knee from high school sports, others have a sore lower back from standing at work all day, and many more suffer from that infamous shoulder blade pain that just never seems to go away. 

Massages are an outstanding solution to many of these problems. Of course, a weekend at a spa, or even an hour at a spa, can work wonders. But many of us don’t have the time or access to that. Instead, we choose home massagers, whether they be massage chairs, back and shoulder massagers, or percussion massagers.

Percussion massagers work incredibly well, but Are Percussion Massagers Safe?

For the most part, Percussion Massagers are safe, but you need to use them correctly. In this article, we’ll look at how to use a percussion massager safely.

Feet in Water

Best Foot Spa Reviews 2022

Nothing feels better than a relaxing, soothing foot soak after a long day. When you’re on your feet all day, pushing them to the limit, they need a little spa time! A home foot spa can provide incredible soothing, restorative comfort to your feet.

Aaah. Just what I was looking for.

Finding the right foot spa for your needs can be a challenge. In this article, we’ve reviewed 10 of the best foot spas available and included a buyer’s guide to provide context and detail. We’ll start with the best foot spa, the ACEVIVI foot spa with massager.

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Rub On Relief Review

At one point or another, we are sure you have dealt with backaches and painful cricks in your neck that simply refuse to go away. No amount of massaging or painkillers help, and  end up spending the entire night tossing and turning. Luckily, there are a few relief creams and rub-ons that claim to eliminate back pain immediately. One such product is the Rub on Relief cream.

In this article, we’ll be conducting an in-depth Rub on Relief review. Let’s find out whether it really is the solution to all those terrible aches and pains.

Neck Pain

The Neck Hammock Review. Cervical Traction Device

Are you searching for an easy, non-invasive way to healneck and back pain? If so, a neck traction pillow might worth trying. This article is a Neck Hammock Review, and will explain more behind what this product is and why a Neck Hammock Cervical Traction Device might be ideal to invest in. 

We’ll start with a basic overview of cervical traction devices, and then discuss the Neck Hammock specifically. Will a Neck Hammock help ease your pain? Let’s find out!

The Original Neck Hammock Portable Cervical Traction Device for Neck Pain Relief and Relaxation
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