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Does an Infrared Sauna Affect Tattoos?

A sauna that employs infrared light to generate radiant heat directly against the skin is known as an infrared sauna.

Let’s get straight into ‘does an infrared sauna affect tattoos?’ The term “far-infrared sauna” refers to the wavelengths of infrared light that fall beyond the visible light spectrum.

Heat is used in a typical sauna to warm the air and heat your body. Infrared saunas heat your body directly rather than the air surrounding you.

Saunas are popular because they produce emotions comparable to those caused by a moderate workout, such as elevated heart rate and perspiration.

An infrared sauna achieves these effects at cooler temperatures than a traditional sauna, making it suitable for those unable to withstand the warmth of a traditional sauna.

Giving Thanks

Gratitude Journaling. Can Gratitude Improve Your Well Being?

Many of us kept diaries as teenagers so we can record our confused thoughts and emotions. The records we kept of our daily experiences were our attempt to understand our place in the world. Sadly, as we “grow up,” we forget how important it is to record those moments, and we set our diary-keeping aside. What we also set aside is our ability to remember things that we’ve done in our day, and reflect upon them.

That reflection of our thoughts and actions is one of the key components to finding fulfillment and happiness in our lives. Of course, the diary recording of our younger selves may be quite different from the older and more mature version of us. But, as adults, diary-keeping can serve an even greater purpose.

The problem is that as we age, we become more skeptical of the events around us. Our minds close-up. We become cynical and mistrustful of the world. As we grow “wiser” to world events, we become less thankful for being alive in what can appear to be such a hard and uncaring world.

But by practicing gratitude we can break through a bit of that cynicism and find some lost happiness. One of the key aspects of cultivating gratitude is to keep a Gratitude Journal, and to use it daily. In this article, I’ll look in-depth at the topic of gratitude, and of gratitude journaling in particular.