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Massage Parlor Etiquette: 8 Things To Know Before You Go!

If you have never been to a spa for a massage session, you may be unaware of massage parlor etiquette.

Massages involve strangers touching your exposed body in various places. It’s a very personal experience and can be quite intimate, even without anything sexual going on. You need to know the standards of behavior in order to protect both yourself and the massage therapist who will work on you.

You see, there are some spoken and unspoken rules that practitioners and clients are aware of. These rules are vital for actualizing the goals of the engagement. The same is the case for massage parlors.

The massage therapist is expected to uphold a high degree of professionalism, while the clients are also expected to conduct themselves responsibly. This is by adhering to massage etiquette.

Here are eight vital spa etiquette rules to bear in mind during your massage.

Do You Have To Be Naked For A Massage? What is the Clothing Etiquette?

If you have never visited a massage parlor before a therapy session, it is normal to feel uneasy about it.

Laying still on a massage table in a private room for a massage therapist to work on you is unfamiliar, and potentially weirdly intimate.

Among the many things running through your mind is likely to be this question: do you have to be naked for a massage? The answer is: no, you can cover yourself to whatever level you feel comfortable, as long as your therapist can still access the specific areas for work.

Awkwardness is possibility is the biggest reason why many people shy away from getting a Thai massage or a full body massage. And why many more will never get one.

Lying partly to completely naked before a stranger does not come naturally to many of us. We’ll discuss this below.

Essential Oil In Your Eye: What To Do

Essential Oils are loved by many. It is used for different things like massage, cleaning, diffusion, and air purification. They are often mixed with carrier oils like coconut oil and almond oil before use.

But getting essential oil in your eye can be a very uncomfortable experience.

If you just got essential oil in your eyes, immediately flush your eyes with cool water. Run your eyes under the tap for as long as possible. If necessary, call for medical help.

Yet, for all the benefits they provide, the wrong use of essential oils can cause discomfort and even an intense burning sensation.

This is why aromatherapists warn against using them alone without first mixing them with a carrier oil. They also advise against swallowing these oils, and practicing care with their use.

Wrongful use can lead to pains, burns, and intense irritation. But what do you do when essential oil accidentally enters your eyes? What steps do you take to prevent the essential oil from spreading and causing you pain?

We’ll discuss all that below!

Unintentional Erection During a Massage, What Should You Do?

Unintentional erection is a common occurrence many men experience during massage therapy.

As massage therapists work their way from one body part to another. And, they are likely to touch erogenous zones that may cause an erection.

But it’s obviously pretty embarrassing! What do you do if you have an erection during a massage?

Erection is a physiological response to touch and is common with many men at spas. So if you were to develop a boner during a massage, it is nothing to be ashamed of! It happens all the time.

All you need to do is relax during the body massage, and the erection will subside. And you may want to apologize to your massage therapist.

Flu-like Symptoms After a Massage. What’s the Story?

Do you experience flu-like symptoms after a massage but don’t know why?

Many people feel sick after a deep tissue massage session. These claims have been substantiated by medical science.

When you walk into a spa for massage therapy, you probably have expectations. You believe that you will feel relieved, refreshed, and energized. Furthermore, you expect deep tissue massage to improve your immune system — or at least not harm it!

But this is not the case for some people! While some walk away feeling amazing, others can develop adverse short-term reactions.

If you feel this way, it is not because a deep tissue massage is bad for you. It simply means that the deep tissue massage keeps triggering a response, which leads to (short-lived) flu-like symptoms.

In this article, we’ll discuss the phenomenon of flu-like symptoms after a deep tissue massage.

Anxiety After a Deep Tissue Massage. What’s the Deal?

If you are a regular visitor to a massage parlor, you may or may not realize that anxiety after a deep tissue massage is a thing that affects many people!

Having a deep tissue massage performed on you has a positive outcome. But there is sometimes a bit of temporary negative that lasts for a short time. And that is anxiety.

A deep tissue massage by massage therapists, for all its benefits, can cause tremendous emotional release. Along with the positive energy, you may find anxiety sensations that may have been in your body for a very long time flowing freely.

If you are planning for a deep tissue massage, this is a possibility you should prepare your mind for.

Some people get flu-like physical symptoms after a deep tissue massage. Others may feel ill even though they are not really ill. But there is a class of people who develop anxiety attacks before, during, or after a deep tissue massage.

Below, we discuss what a deep tissue massage is and why some people experience anxiety attacks because of it.

Where to Put a TENS Unit for Menstrual Cramps

When your dreaded monthly period starts, you may experience discomfort in your abdominal area, known as menstrual cramps. This discomfort might last for two to three days. Menstrual pain might be subtle or acute, and they can ache or throb.

Menstrual pain symptoms might range from a little discomfort to severe pain that prevents you from doing your daily tasks. In women under 30, period pains are the biggest reason for absenteeism!

We bet you didn’t know that almost all women with menstrual cycles face some agony during their periods, and still, almost ten percent of them are momentarily handicapped by these symptoms.

Many suffered have begun reaching for a TENS unit in search of pain relief. Does it even work? And with all those pads, how do you set it up correctly? In this article, we take a look at where to put a tens unit for menstrual cramps and explain what to do to find period relief.

Does an Infrared Sauna Affect Tattoos?

A sauna that employs infrared light to generate radiant heat directly against the skin is known as an infrared sauna.

Let’s get straight into ‘does an infrared sauna affect tattoos?’ The term “far-infrared sauna” refers to the wavelengths of infrared light that fall beyond the visible light spectrum.

Heat is used in a typical sauna to warm the air and heat your body. Infrared saunas heat your body directly rather than the air surrounding you.

Saunas are popular because they produce emotions comparable to those caused by a moderate workout, such as elevated heart rate and perspiration.

An infrared sauna achieves these effects at cooler temperatures than a traditional sauna, making it suitable for those unable to withstand the warmth of a traditional sauna.

Giving Thanks

Gratitude Journaling. Can Gratitude Improve Your Well Being?

Many of us kept diaries as teenagers so we can record our confused thoughts and emotions. The records we kept of our daily experiences were our attempt to understand our place in the world. Sadly, as we “grow up,” we forget how important it is to record those moments, and we set our diary-keeping aside. What we also set aside is our ability to remember things that we’ve done in our day, and reflect upon them.

That reflection of our thoughts and actions is one of the key components to finding fulfillment and happiness in our lives. Of course, the diary recording of our younger selves may be quite different from the older and more mature version of us. But, as adults, diary-keeping can serve an even greater purpose.

The problem is that as we age, we become more skeptical of the events around us. Our minds close-up. We become cynical and mistrustful of the world. As we grow “wiser” to world events, we become less thankful for being alive in what can appear to be such a hard and uncaring world.

But by practicing gratitude we can break through a bit of that cynicism and find some lost happiness. One of the key aspects of cultivating gratitude is to keep a Gratitude Journal, and to use it daily. In this article, I’ll look in-depth at the topic of gratitude, and of gratitude journaling in particular.