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Herb Pharm Kava Review Root Extract

Herb Pharm Kava root extract [Amazon Link] is one of the more popular kava root extracts available on the market today. It is made from kava root (piper methysticum) sourced in Vanuatu from plants aged 4-8 years old. The kava is extracted, using organic cane alcohol, into a format that can be imbibed with a simple dropper system from a bottle.

It advertised as “calming and stabilizing”, which is a set of effects that Kava is certainly capable of providing. Herb Pharm Kava Extract is sold in health food stores, vitamin shops, department stores, Amazon, etc. What is this stuff, what is it made of, does it do anything, and is it worth buying?

In this article, I will take a close look at this extract and its effects, do a Herb Pharm Kava Review, and give my thoughts in the conclusion.

Herb Pharm Kava Kava Extract

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Natrol Kava Kava Review and Information

Natrol Kava Kava capsules [Amazon Link] are one of the most popular Kava herbal products available in capsule form on the market. These supplements are sold in health food stores, grocery stores,, etc. all over the world. So what are these capsules, what’s in them, and are they effective? In this Natrol Kava Kava Review, I will take a close look at this dietary supplement, examine its effectiveness and potency, consider the pros and cons of Natrol vs. some other products and methods of ingesting Kava, and give my verdict.Natrol Kava Kava Capsules

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Kava Dermopathy – Everything you need to know

Kava kava root drinks have been enjoyed by humans throughout the South Pacific for thousands of years, with few noticeable side effects or annoying issues. One of the common unwanted side effects of kava is a certain type of itchy, rashy, scaly skin called Kava Dermopathy. Many users do not encounter this side effect (I personally have never had it), but it is not uncommon, and fortunately, it goes away fairly quickly upon cessation of kava use.

In this article, we will look in some detail as to what Kava Dermopathy is, what appears to cause it, and what to do if you find yourself with it.

Kava Dermopathy - Image Source: DermNet New Zealand
Kava Dermopathy – Image Source: DermNet New Zealand

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Aluball Review – The Easiest Way to Make Kava

Aluball Kava Maker

Making Kava the traditional way is a chore, and is a huge barrier to encouraging new users to try Kava tea. The process is difficult, messy, and truly not fun. However, a very clever invention by the folks at Kavafied has greatly simplified the process of Kava tea preparation. Clearly inspired by tea infusers, the Aluball system [Amazon Link] uses a sizable stainless steel mesh ball, placed inside of a protein shake-like container, to make a great Kava! Quick, easy, and virtually no mess.

In this article, I do an Aluball review, look at the pros and cons, and make my recommendation.

The word “alu” is Tongan for “to go”, and is totally appropriate for this easy to use Kava making system. This design is a huge help to those who prefer to use traditional non-micronized Kava root for their tea, but who also hate the process of making Kava the traditional way. It is a breath of fresh air to the Kava market, and will likely open the doors for many new users to experience the benefits Kava has to offer.