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Kahuna Massage Chair Review LM6800

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Kahuna is one of the best brands of massage chairs available. They have enthusiasts everywhere, and several celebrities love them and have praised their chairs. However, you just can’t take their word for it. After all, celebrities can act!

One of their most popular chairs is the Kahuna LM6800, a chair with a super comfortable anti-gravity feature. It helps you defy gravity by positioning the body with the feet slightly above the heart, and it does so in multiple ways. It also offers a variety of programs and massage types to help your body feel good and relax.

In this Kahuna Massage Chair Review LM6800, we’ll look at the capabilities, features, advantages, and disadvantages of the LM6800. Is this the perfect massage chair for your home? Read on to find out!

Kahuna Massage Chair Review (LM6800)

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

To help you determine whether the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 is a chair you should buy, we’ve focused on the following: sleek and modern appearance, body scan technology, zero gravity positions, L-track system, full-body airbag massage, multiple massage techniques, various auto programs, heating option, simple and easy controller, space-saver design and warranty.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Full Body Massage
  • L-Track Massage System
  • Zero Gravity Chair
  • Body Scan Technology
  • Air Cell And Roller Massage
  • Built-in Heating Features
  • Multiple Auto Programs
  • Various Manual Massage Techniques
  • Space-saver Design

Dimensions and Specs

  • Chair Dimensions: 48 x 31 x 46 inches
  • Weight: 249 lbs
  • Weight capacity: up to 220 lbs
  • Voltage: 110-120V

Kahuna Massage Chair: The Details

A Sleek And Modern Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800

There’s no question that the Kahuna LM6800 looks incredibly inviting. The synthetic leather covering, available in brown or black, makes it look sleek and modern. Like all massage chairs, it may look bulky but it isn’t. When fully assembled, it fits 32-inch doors but without the sides attached, it can fit 25-ich doors.

It may look very comfy, and some people have even fallen asleep on it after their massage. But there are some massage chair reviews that mention that it isn’t as comfortable as a traditional recliner chair.

Although it feels great as a massage chair, some find that it isn’t a substitute to a traditional recliner — it’s a compliment to a traditional chair.

Body Scan Technology

The body scan technology is an innovative way to asses the body and adjusts according to each user. When a user sits in the massage chair, it does a full-body scan so it can properly position and adjust its rollers. With this, it is more likely for the rollers to properly position to meet the pressure points in the user’s body.

Even with the body scan technology, the rollers may still end up in the wrong position. The Kahuna LM6800 corrects this as it allows users to manually fine-tune the position of the rollers. This helps make sure that the rollers can really hit the right spots or the user’s preferred spots.

Zero Gravity Positions

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Zero Gravity Positioning is a huge feature frequently not found in chairs in the price range of the LM6800. This chair offers not one but three Zero-G positions! Each of the 3 positions makes users feel completely relaxed. With the zero-gravity positions combined with the different messages it has to offer, it greatly improves the result of each massage session.

With the knees above the heart, there is improved blood flow in the body. Other than that, this position also helps push the weight of the user’s body more onto the rollers. This enables a deeper massage, which people who have chronic back pain will especially love.

L-Track Roller Massage System

The massage chair uses roller massagers in an L-track system. This track extends from the neck to the back, then all the way to the buttocks and back of the thighs. With a deep tissue massage session, it uses the L-track technology to run the rollers from the neck in vertical motions until the thigh of the user.

Full-body Airbag Massage

Kahuna LM6800 Airbag Massage

This massage chair is fitted with a total of 36 airbags that are used to massage the entire body. Each airbag inflates separately according to a pre-programmed setting.

The succession of the inflated airbags plus the amount of pressure each airbag pushes on the different parts of the body feels like squeezing.

Some don’t find this feature to be compelling, but most users love the airbag massage. It feels like you’re being stretched and twisted in a way that provides deep relaxation.

Multiple Massage Techniques

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Techniques

The manual massage option enables a lot of options for the user. There are 5 different massage techniques to choose from including Shiatsu, rolling, tapping, kneading and the combination of kneading and tapping. In this way, the Kahuna is very similar to the Ideal Massage Chair reviewed here.

These massage techniques can be used in a variety of specific areas of the body including the neck to the waist, the neck to the glutes, the lower back to the wist, the lower back, the glutes and the thighs, and the mid-back to the glutes. Each massage session lasts for up to 15 minutes but other users say you can extend that by pressing the “auto”, “manual”, and “auto” buttons in that order. This resets the massage timer so that another 15 minutes of the session could begin.

Both the speed and the intensity of the massage can also be customized and is available in 3 levels each. The intensity and speed options can control both the rollers and the airbag massage settings.

Various Auto Programs

Kahuna LM6800 Programs

The Kahuna LM6800 offers multiple auto-programs including the stretching or Yoga program and the SH-Chiro program.

The Yoga program is meant to stretch the body to help remove toxins efficiently by improving circulation. It is also a great way to relieve stress and relax a tired body. Those who experience chronic back pains will certainly benefit from it although it might feel intense, especially if they haven’t had the same massage before.

Another noteworthy auto program is the SH-Chiro program, which is specifically designed for the spinal cord. It is a chiropractic massage that helps improve the flow of energy throughout the spine and throughout the entire body.

Heating Option

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This massage chair doesn’t stop with multiple massage programs and manual options. It even adds a heating feature that feels great combined with the massage!

There are two heated areas in this chair. The first is found on the back, which starts from just below the shoulder blades to the lower back. The other heated area is found at the calves.

Although the heating function is great, some reviews commented that you can’t turn them independently. When you turn on the heating option, both the back and the calves area heat up.

Also, there is no heat adjustment available. However, most reviews agree that the added heat function is very therapeutic when combined with various massage programs the chair offers.

A Simple Controller

With all the features and options available, it may seem like the LM6800 will be a pain to control. Of course, there is a learning curve to learning to customize and maximizing the use of all its features. But the remote design makes it pretty easy.

There is even a small pocket on the side of the massage chair where you can store your remote when not in use.

The buttons on the remote are clearly laid out and each is logically arranged for better user experience. You won’t have to spend hours just to get your very first massage.

However, you might spend a few hours playing around with the settings to really master the control and find the best setting for yourself.

Space Saving Full Body Massage Chair

The Kahuna massage chair comes fully assembled except for the sides, which is easy to assemble. There is even a video detailing how to properly assemble and install the massage chair.

Once fully assembled, you can easily position the chair in place through the help of the wheels. This chair is heavy, but by tilting it and using the wheels, make it reasonably mobile.

Many massage chairs are bulky and require a lot of space. The Kahuna LM68000, on the other hand, is designed to be a space saver. This chair will work requiring only 3 inches of space between the wall and the tip of the chair in the zero-gravity position.

This makes a huge difference, as other competing massage chairs would need to sit at least 15 inches away from the wall. This makes the LM6800 much more convenient in many living room situations.

Suitable For Most Users

The base of the massage chair is made from a combination of steel and plastic. The steel components make it very durable and capable of holding users who weigh up to 220 lbs.

This chair is also suitable for people of various heights from 5′ to 6’4”. That said, some who are shorter than 5′  still found this chair comfortable.

The bottom of the chair is an extendable ottoman, which adds up to five inches which makes it suitable for taller people.

Easy To Clean

The synthetic leather doesn’t just look good and feel good, it also makes the massage chair easy to clean! Any dust or dirt can be easily wiped-off with a rag.

The foot area even has a detachable and washable footer so it can be cleaned easily.

Limited 3-Year Warranty

Kahuna also includes a limited 3-year warranty with the LM6800. Warranties are available for parts, structural framework, and labor.

Keep in mind, though that the warranty only covers residential use (not commercial use) and the warranty is non-transferrable. During the first year warranty period, there is nothing that the customers should pay.

Value For Your Money

Massage chairs are not cheap! Many brands cost thousands of dollars, especially if you’re looking for a high-end model. The Kahuna LM6800 offers great value for its price.

It is packed with different features and a lot of options that work as designed. Most users agree that purchasing it is a decision you won’t regret because of the benefits you’ll get out of using it.

The Bottom Line: A Great Back and Body Massage Chair

Considering the Kahuna LM6800’s outstanding features and glowing user reviews, we strongly recommend this massage chair. It’s rare to find a massage chair that’s packed with great features sold at this price range.

The LM6800 offers multiple massage techniques, adjustable speed and intensities, pre-programmed massages, multiple zero-gravity positions, and heating options! All very useful in their own way. The Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 is a fantastic choice and will bring you soothing relief for years to come.

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