How To Make Incense Burn Slower

Incense is incredibly calming and pleasing. It can often get too smokey too quickly, though. How do you slow down the burn? To slow it down, you should:

  • Sprinkle water on incense long before you light it
  • Position it at an upright angle

Have you noticed that your incense burns too fast? Before you know it, the incense cone is out, and you have to burn many more to keep up? You’ll notice that you are spending more money on incense cones than you should not.

If you have this experience, you should read this article till the end to know how to make incense burn slower.

But before you can do that, you need to know why the incense is burning fast in the first place.

What Incense is Good for Cleansing?

Since ancient times, incense has been used as a way to calm and heal the senses. Burning incense has been a practice of both the religious and the mystic, who have used it for sacred, spiritual, healing and purposes.

Even today, many people use incense for the same reasons, as well as to help clear away negative energy from their homes. So, what incense is good for cleansing purposes?

In this article, we’ll take a look at which types of resins, sticks, and herbs are best used for clearing negative energy.

This will provide both you and your living space with the purification and protection needed to keep your vibe high, and your home free of bad juju.

How To Burn Rope Incense In Your Home

Rope Incense is a really cool format for incense. It looks great and burns for a long time. But many people don’t know how to use it. We’ve put together this guide on how to burn rope incense to show you everything you need to know!

Here are the basics:

  • Light one end of the tip
  • Position it in an upright or horizontal position

Continue reading to learn about the origin of rope incense and how to use it.

Rope incense is one of the oldest incense formats in use, along with loose incense. Many people don’t know how to burn rope incense because it is not as popular as other types of incense.

This form of incense is very popular in many regions today, but it has its origin in Tibet.

Rope incense is a combination of aromatic herbs and rice parts twisted into coiling ropes of incense.

They are handmade Tibetan rope incense in Nepal for traditional purposes. It has been used for centuries and passed from one generation to the next to keep the custom alive.

Furthermore, the dried herbs in Tibetan rope incense are selected from scented plants. It is wrapped in eco-friendly traditional Nepali wrappers called Nepali Lokta paper. Then braided into a rope.

How To Get Rid Of Incense Smell

Here’s how to get rid of incense smell once and for all in your home:

  • Open the windows and run fans to increase air inflow
  • Clean walls and floors with cleansers
  • Sterilize as much as possible

Do you burn incense sticks regularly in your home, or maybe you had a tenant who… burned a bit too much? Are you currently battling the smell? Many people who love incense can realize their room space has become a little bit too musty.

Incense sticks have their benefits! Yet one issue with them is that after a while, their fragrance becomes a permanent feature in your home.

If you burn different incense regularly, the incense smells and heavy smoke can be intense. Various mixes of scents can interact in negative ways. This may irritate some of your visitors, and pets like cats and dogs.

The truth is that even the most pleasant incense may become overwhelming to the senses after a while.

Even though the purpose may be to create a pleasant living space by improving the air, you may end up creating a whole new problem further down the line.

In this article, we’ll go over how to remove incense smells and freshen the air.

How To Burn Loose Incense

Loose incense is made up of all-natural ingredients. It includes fragrant herbs, flowers, resins, gums, lavender, coconut oil, and wood chips. The format all depends on the material you’re working with.

It’s a flexible material that isn’t tied to a stick and hasn’t been molded into any cone shape or design. It may differ from an incense stick or incense cone.

In this article, we’ll look at how to burn loose incense. Typically people use centers and charcoal, though electric resin burners are becoming a more and more popular choice.

Why Does My Incense Smell Like Smoke?

People burn incense sticks, cones, etc. But it’s a turn-off to smell thick smoke rather than incense! Whether you’re burning it to eliminate harsh scents, relax, or merely make your house smell beautiful, not smokey.

Why does my incense smell like smoke?

There are many various types of incense available, each with its own set of ingredients and quality levels. It all relies on the incense’s freshness and the components used to produce it.

Continue reading to discover why incense can smell smoky. And learn what types of incense you can buy to avoid smokiness.

How Many Incense Sticks Should We Light? Incense Power Guide!

Many people are becoming more aware of their spiritual health, particularly as our cultures evolve to be more isolated.

Yoga and meditation, both practices involving incense, are as fashionable as ever.

Incense burning is not a recent concept. Incense has been an integral part of religious settings since time immemorial, in multiple civilizations.

Whether you’re burning incense for religious reasons, the scents have meaning to you, or you just want to make your house smell nicer, you be aware of quantity! This is to make sure the incense does not prove unhealthy for you.

So, how many incense sticks should we light at one time? The answer: stick to the odd numbers. Read on to learn why!

How To Cleanse With Incense

Cleansing the energy in your space is an important part of your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This is even more true now when we are more centered on our homes than ever before.

Cleaning your area regularly can help to enhance the spiritual flow. It brings more positive flow and removes negative energy from your home.

With the assistance of your preferred incense, you can purify your area in just a few minutes.

In this article, we’ll go over how to cleanse with incense to help you bring serenity to your home. Incense is most usually used for its aroma. But it also has antimicrobial properties, and many feel that it has spiritual power, as well.

Let’s look at some of the methods you can use incense to clean your space anytime for a major life transition. It is also used for positive affirmations to be embedded in your space.

What are Tingsha Bells Used For?

For those who are not active in the Tibetan Buddhist community, nor participating in the worldwide interest in meditation and yoga, you might wonder, “What are Tingsha bells used for?

In this article, we will explain the various uses, as well as the origins and significance, of Tingsha bells.

Often used during Tibetan prayer rituals and for their soothing, healing-promoting sounds, Tingsha bells are beloved and significant objects of religious observance, cultural identity, and contemporary wellness practices.

These sturdy bells are shaped like small, thick cymbals and are stored in a protective pouch when not in use (to protect against corrosion). Tingsha bells are designed to act in perfectly balanced sound pairs connected to each other by a short cord which is often made of leather.

Meditation Practice

Best Mind Machines 2022 Reviews

In the busy and stressful world we have today, nothing feels better than tranquility. There are different paths to tranquility, but one way to get there is through meditation. Meditation helps you relax not only your physical body but your mind as well. It allows you to obtain mental clarity and learn to focus your energy on more relevant things in life.

Meditation is simple, but not easy. It requires a lot of practice but it can be learned and there are simple things you can do even as beginners. Additionally, today’s technology makes it much easier to meditate through the use of various meditation machines.

In this review, we’ll look at several of the Best Mind Machines available. We also include a buyer’s guide that gives some context. We’ll start with the Best Meditation Machine, the Mind Place Kasina Mind Media System.


Make Yourself Happier with Loving Kindness Meditation.

It’s hard to walk around nowadays without tripping over someone doing mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is on everyone’s mind — it’s everywhere! On our phones, on the covers of magazines, all over youtube. Apps, books, retreats. It can’t be avoided.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a really great development. But here’s the thing: mindfulness meditation isn’t the only kind of meditation there is. It’s really useful, but there are other kinds that are just as rewarding. Maybe even more rewarding!

One of these lesser-known types of meditation is Loving Kindness Meditation, also known as Metta meditation.

The best thing about Loving Kindness Meditation is that it can actually make you a happier person. In this article, we’ll take a close look at Loving Kindness meditation and go over the basics of how it works. We’ll also look at some of the research as to the benefits of loving-kindness meditation.

Morning Worship

How to Meditate in the Morning. Start the Day Right!

What better way to start your day than to meditate in the morning? Starting the day right by meditating for about 20 minutes (or less!) can help kickstart your morning. By centering yourself early in the day, you’ll be ready for the challenges the day brings.

Even if lots of people like to regularly meditate in the morning, many find it hard to stick with the habit. Understandably, some can be a bit hesitant with the idea because it seems to be too daunting and too time-consuming.

how to meditate in the morning

Some feel overwhelmed about having to give up a few minutes of sleep just to meditate in the morning. While some just don’t know how to do it. For this article, I’ll share with you how to meditate in the morning as well as the reasons why you should do it.

This guide will also give you some simple tips that you can follow so you can include meditation as a daily practice in your life. Whether you do it for 30 minutes, 20 minutes or even for 5 minutes.

The important thing is you start today.

Incense Sticks

Best Incense Brands. 6 Top Incense Sticks

Incense has been used as an aid for prayer, meditation, and religious ceremonies since time immemorial. It is inextricably intertwined with the divine. Over time, incense has migrated from the temple to the home, and is often used for aromatherapy, relaxation, pleasant vibes, and as an aid to meditation.

Aromas, scents, and fragrances are used to evoke specific responses and trigger certain feelings. That’s why incense finds so many different applications. They are used to aid sleep, promote relaxation, stimulate creativity, improve concentration, encourage healing, increase motivation, and heighten sexual desire. Moreover, the presence of certain ingredients can be used for specific purposes.

In this article, we’ll look at the best incense brands, and help you find the right incense for your needs.

Incense Setup

Best Incense Cones: Backflow Bliss!

Incense is a great option if you’re a fan of scents. The good thing about incense is that it has a unique smell and it lasts a long time. Incense is also nothing new – it’s been used for years for different ceremonies, aromatherapy and meditation and as a deodorant. Besides that, incense can also be used to prevent bugs.

Incense is available in multiple different scents. If you’re looking for top incense cones, you’ve come to the right place. Read more to learn about the best incense cones and what to look for before buying some for your home.

Meditation View

Best Time To Meditate. Reap the Benefits of Effective Meditation

There are many paths to meditation. Some meditate to find calm and serenity. Others seek enlightenment. Some meditate for cognitive health, while others search for insight. Meditation is both extremely easy and quite challenging. All you have to do is sit there and concentrate on the breath.

Easier said than done. Distractions abound, both inside your head and outside!

For this reason, it’s a good idea to try to stack the deck in your favor by trying to get yourself in the optimal situation for successful, worthwhile meditation.

This article will explore more behind the art of meditation, and cover some tips to make the meditation session more effective. We’ll consider some best practices, comfort suggestions, the best time to meditate, and how to build the meditation habit.

best time to meditate

Sleeping with flowers

How to Meditate Lying Down. 3 Ways to Meditate in Bed

Those of us who (try to) keep up a daily meditation practice know that finding that time every day can be difficult. With super-full schedules overflowing with work, children, family, friends, obligations, etc., squeezing in a significant block of meditation time each day is a challenge.

To meditate, all you really need is a relatively quiet place free from excessive distraction, and a reasonably comfortable place to set your body. One place that fits the bill is your bed! The problem is that if you try to meditate in bed, you may aim for enlightenment, but you often end up in dreamland.

This article is a look at how to meditate lying down. It focuses on meditation positions and techniques that will encourage meditation in bed without falling asleep. Meditation while lying down is a great solution to the scheduling problem. It’s easy to fit in meditation time first thing in the morning or just before sleep. We just need to find a way to stay awake during that meditation time.

how to meditate lying down

Meditation on Beach

How to Meditate Daily: Build the Habit

Meditation is an activity that has positive health benefits, both mental and physical. It can be used to assist nearly everything from lowering blood pressure to calming anxiety to aiding in sleep.

The secret ingredient, if you will, is that meditation focuses on breathing. A focus on breathing can produce a variety of mental states, most of them very positive. They can help provide different understandings, perspectives, clarity, calm, and peace.

While identifying the benefits of meditation is easy, building up to a regular, daily meditation practice is quite difficult. This article looks at how to meditate daily, and focuses on tips and strategies to help make meditating part of your daily routine.

How to Meditate Daily