What is Nuru Massage?

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Have you heard about the (in)famous Nuru massage? Do you love the thought of taking the slippery plunge into probably the most intense erotic massage known with your partner, but you have no idea where to start?

Nuru massage is a traditional style of Japanese massage made famous by the well-trained geishas of Kawasaki, Japan. And these talented exotic beauties definitely knew a thing or two about the pleasure and joy available from erotic massage.

So, what is nuru massage? Well, if your love language is touch, then you’ll definitely want to learn how to do this traditional technique, which will add an energetic boost to your love life. Although certain special salons do offer this type of massage for their male clients, nuru massage is something you can do with your partner.

And you can have the nuru massage experience in the comfort of your own bedroom — or living room, or any other warm room with a carpet if you’re more adventurous. So, read on to find out what nuru massage is all about.

What is Nuru Massage?

If you’ve been curious about what a Nuru massage is, then you are not alone, as it is one of the fastest-growing trends in sensual massage! Nuru massage is a traditional Japanese erotic massage that involves both bodies gliding over each other in a slow and sensual manner.

Nuru actually means ‘to paint’ in Japanese, and Nuru massage means painting the body. During a Nuru massage, a water-based tasteless, colorless, and extremely slippery gel that’s made from seaweed is used to maximize the sensuality of the experience for the participating couple.

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It is not considered a therapeutic massage like a Swedish, sport, or deep tissue massage. This is why it’s basically only offered in more “erotic salon” venues that are frequented by men. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this sensual massage technique to have fun with your partner!

The slow sensuality of skin-to-skin body gliding allows for both parties to enjoy the indulgence of being relaxed and pleasured through erotic touch. The sensation helps to establish an intimate connection for each partner.

Other benefits of having and receiving Nuru massage include total body relaxation, muscle and stress relief, toxin release, an endorphin boost, and moisturized skin for both participants.

The slow sensuality of skin-to-skin body gliding allows for both parties to enjoy the indulgence of being pleasured through erotic touch.

Nuru Massage vs Tantric Massage, is there a difference?

Both Nuru massage and tantric massage techniques focus on pleasure between two partners. They are both sensual and intimate, done in your birthday suit, and involve getting slippy while oiled. However, there is a big difference between these two different forms of erotic massage.

Tantric massage is a full-body erotic massage that originates from the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia. The traditional technique involves the massage and stimulation of the body, paying particularly close attention to the… sensitive areas… on the body.

Modern Tantric massage adds more into the mix, including meditation and mindfulness practices, along with breathwork, so that reaching a natural ‘conclusion’ doesn’t become the focus of the experience.

So basically, tantric massage is all about bringing the physical and spiritual bodies together to help remove energetic blockages and stimulate inner healing.

Nuru massage, on the other hand, is all about the fun, although there are also aspects of relaxation and conscious connection with your partner. By using the slippery Nuru gel to get things going, Nuru massage is all about body-to-body sensation — basically, touching and rubbing.

By using the slippery Nuru gel to get things going, Nuru massage is basically all about body-to-body sensation.

The Nuru gel helps to create an intense heat that encourages the slide of bodies from top to bottom. It’s an encompassing and sensually creative experience for the couple enjoying it.

The Nuru Massage Technique

Make sure before you start your Nuru massage that both you and your partner don’t have any of the following conditions. Otherwise, you risk causing harm to both yourself and your partner:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis or other joint inflammation
  • Infectious diseases like the flu, Covid, or hepatitis
  • Blood clots or thrombosis
  • Acute skin infections, such as herpes or scabies

To prepare for the Nuru massage, you need to be aware of simple things, like if you or your partner have long hair, then make sure you tie it back to prevent it from getting caught up in your slippery playtime.

You should also have some clean towels on hand for helping to pick up messy spills.

You’ll also need a damp cloth for your feet. Once the Nuru gel has dried, it’s easy to forget that you still have it on your feet, and one slip can ruin a good fun evening. So wipe your feet with the damp cloth and towel dry them before you get up to move to the shower.

Set The Scene

You definitely don’t want to ruin your bedding to have your Nuru massage, so you’ll need to make sure to minimize the mess factor. If you already have a waterproof mattress protector, using a flannel massage sheet on top of this can work, but if you really want to get slippy, you’re going to need a dedicated product like Eroticgel’s Inflatable Massage Sheet .

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This synthetic massage sheet is a full-sized luxury inflatable that can be used on top of a mattress or massage table, but you can even use it on a comfortable floor surface for added flexibility. It also has raised inflatable sides that provide for the retention of Nuru gel on the body, while the surface is non-absorbent as well.

In addition, it’s latex-free and made entirely of PVC.

Now that you have your Nuru massage surface ready, you can also make your environment more sensual. Have your favorite relaxing music ready to play, and grab some candles to set the mood for when you dim the lights to really get things going.

Have your favorite relaxing music ready to play, and grab some candles to set the mood for when you dim the lights to really get things going.

It’s All About The Gel

Unlike standard massage therapy, where oils like jojoba and sweet almond are used to work on the body, Nuru gel is something else altogether. The original recipe contains nori seaweed from Japan (which provides slipperiness), aloe vera, chamomile, and grapeseed oil.

The unique combination of these ingredients help give this glistening gel an oil-like consistency that ignites the full-body glide experience. Nuru Massage Therapy Gel from Magic Gel  is a flavorless and odorless formula containing Japonica seaweed extract that will make your body slip and slide over your partner.

If either of you have sensitive skin and you want to work with a product that’s even more natural, then we recommend making your own all-natural seaweed gel. Read our article What is Nuru Oil Made Of? to discover how to make a homemade version that you can whip up quickly in your kitchen.

Getting Down To Business

Once you have all of your tools together, and you have Nuru gel warmed, get into your inflatable mattress or the sheet where you’re going to play. Start applying gel all over your body, as well as your partner. Or apply it to each other and make it part of the experience.

Move Your Body

When you’re both covered in Nuru gel, start the massage with your partner relaxing on their stomach. You can begin with your hands, or get right in and start body-to-body contact, using your body to slide up and down your partner’s body.

In fact, this is where it is all up to you to just have fun and enjoy the intimate connection. Don’t worry about doing it wrong, this isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about having fun.

So, let yourself lose by gliding up and down, or in circular motions, or do whatever feels good for both of you. It’s pretty guaranteed that your lover will enjoy it, no matter what you do. If you’re This is all about connecting touch and intimacy, remember.

And it doesn’t have to be a sexual massage. It’s all up to you and your partner!

So, let yourself lose by gliding up and down, or in circular motions, or do whatever feels good for both of you.

After a while, you can also get your partner to turn over if you’re ready for a more arousing experience. This time, gently glide on the front of their body, adding water to increase the sloppiness, if needed.

And don’t forget to take your turn. Assume the position and lie down on your stomach so that your partner can repeat this treat for both of you. Indulge in the relaxation and sensual pleasure of your lover sliding up and down your body covered in Nuru gel.

After The Fact

As mentioned above, when you finish your slippery shenanigans, beware of any floor hazards when you get up to walk. Even though it may feel as if the Nuru gel has already dried on your feet, once you hit a slippery tiled floor, you may need to call an ambulance… which would probably ruin the mood.

To avoid this unwanted mishap, definitely make sure that you have a damp cloth and at least a couple of towels on hand, which will help you to get the Nuru gel off of your feet before you get up and walk to the bath or shower.


Nuru massage is a really fun, pleasant massage experience that is totally different from most other massage experiences. That said, in most places in the United States, you won’t be able to have this type of massage done in any sort of mainstream spa or massage therapy location. Although the Nuru massage isn’t necessarily a sexual experience, it’s not the sort of thing most massage therapists perform.

So stick to enjoying a Nuru massage with your partner, and slip slide away!