Are Nuru Massages Legal?

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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and indulge yourself… you want to book a Nuru massage. This is because you’ve heard all about how Nuru massages offer the most intense and unique body sensations that can’t be had with just any typical massage technique. And you’re really curious about trying this massage!

However, you’re also concerned about where to go to receive this kind massage, especially if you’re on the shy side. Nuru is not traditionally a sexual massge, but it’s definitely not a standard, either. You are probably wondering are Nuru massages legal?

That’s not an easy answer, as it depends on where you live! In this article, we’ll go over the details.

Are Nuru Massages Legal?

The very simple answer to the question of whether Nuru massages are legal is yes — and no. Wait, what? Yes, confusing perhaps, but whether or not you’ll be able to get a Nuru massage legally at your local spa or massage parlor, completely depends on where you live.

Whether or not you’ll be able to get a Nuru massage legally at your local spa or massage parlor completely depends on where you live.

Doing an internet search will result in conflicting information about the legality of Nuru massages, which is different in different states. For example, according to state laws, Nuru massages are illegal in California and Florida.

However, a quick look and you can find Nuru massages being offered in cities like Orange County, San Diego, and Miami, contradicting the state laws. Other cities where, apparently, Nuru massages are offered legally are Washington DC, Denver, Seattle, and New York. But you’re probably not going to a Massage Envy for one!

Las Vegas is another city where, not surprisingly really, Nuru massages are a highly popular service.

In fact, the infamous Sheri’s Ranch, outside of Las Vegas, gained more notoriety by becoming the first brothel in the country to offer the service all the way back in 2014.

There are obviously some people who will still be afraid of getting into trouble for having a Nuru massage, because of the naked body-to-body contact that’s involved. Technically, nuru massage isn’t supposed to be sexual, though.

Traditionally, Nuru massage has been considered a type of physical body therapy. However, you don’t have to be blind to not see how it can also become a compromising situation in a dark room if there is a breakdown in communication.

Nuru Massage Outside The US

Nuru massage has gained massive popularity over the years, due to the unique pleasure this exotic treatment provides. Although popularized in Japan, where it became a standard in the ‘soapland’ districts of Kawasaki, Yoshiwara, and Oomiya, after the legalization of brothels back in 1956.

Although popularized in Japan, where it became a standard in the ‘soapland’ districts of Kawasaki, Yoshiwara, and Oomiya, there are many countries in which you can now enjoy the Nuru massage experience.

These days, however, there are many countries in which you can now enjoy the nuru massage experience. Besides the Tokyo region, you will find advertising for Nuru massages in places like major European cities like Berlin, Barcelona, and London. Sydney in Australia and most tourist destinations in Thailand will also offer the service.

North of the US border, a Google search will reveal Nuru massages being offered in the metropolitan districts of Toronto and Vancouver. Montreal, on the other hand, is somewhere Nuru massage is heavily advertised, and apparently all above board — but only as long as bodily fluids aren’t exchanged during the treatment.

However, although the city’s police see Nuru massage as a legal ‘tolerance’, the fact that they are also onto the possibility of many of the ‘therapists’ being victims of human trafficking means you need to make sure you’re extra careful about which establishments you visit in Montreal (and anywhere else!).

Enjoy Yourself

Basically, it doesn’t matter what your gender or sexual preference is, or even where you are in the world — if you want a Nuru massage, then you will probably be able to get one if you’re armed with the right information.

It generally comes down to the spa, hotel, or other establishment that is offering the treatment. If you choose to visit a spa or hotel for a Nuru massage, then you can probably be confident that everything is all above board.

However, if you choose to have a Nuru massage at a… discrete type of establishment, then it’s not possible to confirm that the therapists are even certified to offer the treatment. In addition, it is more than likely that your Nuru massage will finish with another kind of ‘special service’. Although not every venue will entertain this type of activity.

Nuru is a grey area, in that it is an erotic massage but it isn’t necessarily a sexual massage. The legality of the massage depends entirely on how your municipality (and police department) interpret that!

The Absolutely Legal Nuru Massage

There’s no doubt about it, if you can gather all the tools you need to have a nuru massage with a partner in the comfort of your own home, then this would be considered legal, assuming no payment is exchanged with an outside party.

What you do in your own home with your partner is basically your business.

This customizable nuru massage gel powder  is made in Japan by Yujin, and can be mixed with water to achieve the consistency you desire for your partner playtime. The 98% natural powder is flavorless and fragrance-free, and will provide your bodies with the slippery slide Nuru massage known the world over for.

A nuru massage needs to be done on a latex surface to allow for the full advantage of the slip and slide. No products found. includes an electric pump for ease of use, and is the perfect stain-proof accessory for your Nuru massage.

So, if you have a partner to play with, then you can always create more intimacy and fun between you both by giving each other a Nuru massage in the comfort of your own home.

This will completely eliminate any worries you have about this unique massage technique, so that you can fully enjoy the pleasure of what this mind-blowing massage technique can provide.

And you can concentrate on not fretting about whether Nuru massages are legal in a massage parlor, spa, or other establishments.