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Best Massage Table Warmers

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As a massage therapy enthusiast or professional, you’re always on the lookout for the ultimate tools to provide a wonderful experience during a session. One of the most luxurious massage tools is table warmers. These thick, soft heating pads lay over your massage tables, under the massage table sheets. They bring a whole new level of comfort to the client.

Massage table warmers are deluxe pads manufactured to help your clients relax and let go of any stress and pain building up in their bodies, under the influence of your capable hands, of course. The heat that they release works deep into your client’s muscles to remove any tension buildup and tightened ligaments due to physical injuries.

Today, we have reviewed the best massage table warmers available. These warmers have outstanding features with multiple settings and adjustable comfort levels for your client’s massage therapy session.

We will also closely look at their pros and cons and answer the most common questions that customers have. All of these will help you make the best buying decision for your massage practice.

Best Massage Table Warmers

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Our Top Pick: EARTHLITE Massage Table Warmer & Fleece Pad (2 in 1)

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Key Points at a Glance

  • Two-in-one table warmer and fleece pad.
  • Elastic corners to hold straps in place.
  • Overheat protection mechanism.
  • Auto shut-off after 3 hours.
  • Solid-state electronic controller.
  • Quick heat feature with three settings.
  • One year warranty.


  • Warms up quickly.
  • Durable and soft material.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Can fit all standard-sized massage tables.
  • Ultra-thin wiring that is impossible to feel through.
  • Even heating all across the body.
  • Automatic shut-off.
  • Conserves energy efficiently.


  • Might slip if not secured under fitted sheets

The Details

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Well-known for having some the best massage tables (particularly their electric massage tables) and other tools, EARTHLITE truly outdid itself with this table warmer that also serves as a fleece pad. It is one of the most loved and top-selling warmers in the market, with 8% of reviewers giving it a whopping five stars.

This is a durable and robust warmer, manufactured from luxuriously soft fabric that is long-lasting and won’t disintegrate. There are three different heat settings to match your client’s preferences, and it even comes with overheat safety to eliminate any risk of accidents or burn injuries.

The table warmer measures 32″ x 73″, making it perfect for all full-sized massage tables. It is nearly effortless to set up and use. What customers enjoyed the most was its ease of cleaning. You just need a mild solvent and a washcloth to get rid of the toughest of stains.
Lastly, the power cord is impressively long, allowing you to plug into sockets on the far sides of the room.

We loved that this massage table warmer comes at a reasonable price point, even with so many outstanding features.

This is the best massage table warmer available.

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Our Runner Up: Master Massage UL Listed Massage Table Warmer

Master Massage UL Listed Massage Table Warmer

Key Points at a Glance

  • Polyester material with plush fleece.
  • ETL and CETL Certified to uphold strict North American Safety Standards.
  • Adjustable warmth setting with a detachable LCD controller.
  • 4-hour safety shut-off.
  • Heats up to 140*F/60*C within 5 – 7 minutes.
  • Large elastic straps to fit most massage tables.


  • High-quality manufacturing.
  • Quick heat up with timer function.
  • Remote-controlled temperature settings.
  • Elastic straps to secure warmer in place.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Luxurious feel with warmth and comfort.
  • Auto switch-off to prevent overheating and conserve energy.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • No fleece top.
  • Wiring can be uncomfortable for some customers.

The Details

Master Massage UL Listed Massage Table Warmer

The Master Massager warmer is an ideal choice for massage therapists who travel frequently or accommodate housecalls. It is made of pure polyester with no fleece component to add bulkiness and make it challenging to carry or transport.

This massage table warmer is carefully manufactured as per North American safety standards to eliminate the risk of any injuries or health issues caused by its use. The warmer is exceptionally durable and heat-proof, featuring three different heat settings for your client to choose from.

It is designed to fit all full-sized massage tables of the dimensions 71″ x 30″. The warmer also comes with corner straps to hold it firmly in place and a long power cord for your convenience.

Master Massage UL Listed Massage Table Warmer
  • ETL and CETL Certified for strict North American...
  • Plush fleece provides luxurious comfort;
  • Adjustable warmth setting comes with a detachable...
  • Heats to 60ºC (140ºF) in as little as seven...
  • Large elastic straps allow the warmer to fit most...

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Best Budget: DevLon NorthWest Massage Table Warmer Pad

DevLon NorthWest Massage Table Warmer Pad

Key Points at a Glance

  • Superior material made of a premium combination of polyester and cotton.
  • Five different heat settings.
  • Four timer settings.
  • Long, -foot long power cable.


  • Manufactured with high-quality materials.
  • Automatic overheat protection.
  • Long foot cord for easy plug-in.
  • Appropriate size to cover any massage table or mattress.
  • Different heating levels for optimum comfort.


  • Can only be used with a US 120V electric outlet.
  • Adapters are required for use in countries besides the United States.

The Details

DevLon NorthWest Massage Table Warmer Pad

The absolute best bang for your bucks, this DevLon massage table warmer will blow you away with its superb performance at such a low price point. It comes with five different heat settings to individualize each client’s experience and be useful in warm and cold months.

Moreover, the warmer also has timer settings and allows you to decide the auto shut off time. You can pick 1,2,4, or 8 hours. The intuitive controls allow you to manage the temperature carefully, and the wiring is carefully placed to not bother your clients during their massage.

The polyester and cotton mixture’s premium softness further enhances the overall massage therapy experience, at half the cost of other table warmers.

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Body Linen Abundance Deluxe Quilted Fleece Massage Table Pad Set

Body Linen Abundance Deluxe Quilted Fleece Massage Table Pad Set

Key Points at a Glance

  • Fits all standard-sized massage tables.
  • Surface made of quilted polyester microfiber fleece.
  • No shedding.
  • Bottom layer made of microfiber for a cooler touch during summers.
  • Extra cushioning, 1.5 inches quilted depth.


  • Durable cushioning with extra soft material.
  • Made of quilted polyester that doesn’t shed.
  • Machine washable and easily cleaned.
  • Can be fitted on most massage tables.
  • Comes with a face cradle cover.
  • Offers a cool microfiber side for warm summer months.


  • No electric heat for extra client comfort.

The Details

Body Linen Abundance Deluxe Quilted Fleece Massage Table Pad Set

If you’re looking for the best massage table warmer at a relatively lower price point but with no compromise to its cushioning, then the Body Linen pad set will be your absolute favorite!

This heating pad can easily be fitted onto any massage table with dimensions around 76″ x 34″. It is made of 480 gsm polyester microfiber fleece that is durable with the promise of not shedding. The heating pad is around 1.5 inches thick with super softness for extra comfort of the clients. It is also machine washable and dries faster than the standard table warmer.

These features make it extremely easy to clean and maintain proper hygiene. Due to the quick-dry abilities, you can even wipe it down with a damp washcloth after every massage session.

Body Linen Abundance Deluxe Quilted Fleece Massage Table Pad Set. Includes Face Cradle Cover & Table...
  • Table Pad fits all standard massage tables up to...
  • Top side made of quilted polyester microfiber...
  • Table pad is reversable; use either fleece side up...
  • Extra cushy and thick 1.5-inch total quilted depth...
  • Comes in a vacuum packaged bag for more efficient...

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Massage Table Warmers Buyer’s Guide

Massage table warmers will make sure every one of your clients leaves their session feeling physically and mentally relaxed. They do a perfect job of providing heat at just the right pressure points of the body, helping release muscle tension and soothe our stress away.

Remember, happy clients are the best clients! And when they leave your practice feeling relaxed and at ease, you will get more footfall due to word of mouth. Soon enough, you will find your name established as one of the best massage therapists out there.

Aside from being the perfect addition to any massage table, these warmers serve another purpose as well. Many of the massage table warmers mentioned above also double up as bed heaters, ensuring you get consistent warmth all night long.

They can be instrumental during long, winter nights when the chilly breeze seems to fill our body and seep deep into our bones.

They can also help soothe aching joints, back sores, and other stiff areas in the body. After a long day on your feet, you can easily relax into bed (or a massage table) and benefit from the thermal regulation offered by these warmers.

Heat is one of the best tools a massage therapist can use to enhance their client’s experience further. Moreover, the variety of temperature ranges and settings offered allows you to customize the session precisely to your client’s preferences.

Important Features to Consider 

There are hundreds of different market brands that manufacture various tools for massage tables, including these warmers. With such variety available, it can often be overwhelming to decide the right choice for your clients that sit well within your budget range. A luxurious massage table warmer may result in you getting that extra tip after the massage!

To simplify the process and assist you in your buying decision, we have listed below the main features you should consider before picking out a warmer. Each feature is described briefly for better understanding. 

  1. Material and Make

The first thing you need to consider is the massage table warmer’s material, which directly affects how comfortable and relaxing it will be. Massage warmers are made of various materials, including cotton, fleece, polyester, etc.

Do your research to ensure the warmer you pick is made of high-quality materials that don’t contain any skin irritants or allergens. Polyester and fleece are usually the most sought-out materials since they are durable and heat-proof, ensuring your clients’ safety.

  1. Heat Settings

One of the best features of these massage table warmers is that they come with multiple heat settings to adjust according to your client’s preferences. Most warmers come with at least three heat settings; high, medium, and low.

However, suppose you wish to offer an even more customized experience. In that case, you can opt for a table warmer that had up to 5 heating options along with a timer for automatic shut off once the desired temperature has been reached. 

  1. Safety Features

Since the warmers utilize electricity to heat the cotton or fleece padding, you must ensure all the safety protocols are met. Check if the warmer you have chosen has been cleared with various electronic tests and look for a safety guarantee.

Your massage table warmers should preferably have overheat protection and a means of warning (e.g., with flashing lights) if any of the wires have been disrupted.

Lastly, an auto-shutoff feature further increases your warmer’s safety so you can focus on the massage therapy without constantly meddling with the heat settings. It will also conserve energy and reduce your electricity bills.

  1. Easy Cleaning

The final feature to look out for is whether your table warmer can be machine-washable or not. Due to the extensive wiring, most companies warn against submerging the warmers in water. There is also a risk of the material shrinking or losing its shape upon contact with too much moisture.

Make sure you know how your warmer should be cleaned before investing in it. Most can be sent to the dry cleaners, but it is best that you ask the manufacturer about the best way to keep your warmer spotless and stain-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean a Massage Table Warmer?

If the massage table warmer you buy isn’t washable, there are some extra steps you’ll need to take to keep it clean and sanitary for your clients. Check the warmers after every session to ensure there are no spots or stains. It would be best if you cleaned the warmers using the following techniques every few sessions, so they last a long time.

1. Dry Cleaning

One of the easiest ways of keeping your massage table warmers clean and hygienic is by sending them to be dry cleaned. You can also try out a home dry cleaning kit whenever you feel like the warmer needs to be freshened up. A small size dry cleaning kit will be relatively cost-effective and last you through several cleanings. However, you will need to take care not to set the dryer setting too high, as it can damage the warmer’s fabric.

2. Steam Ironing

An excellent way of removing stubborn stains on your massage table warmers is by holding your steam iron close to the fabric (without touching it) and let the steam wash over it. It will loosen the stains and dirt buildup, which you can then easily wipe off with a baby wipe, washcloth, or makeup remover. Just make sure your wipe isn’t too moist, and let the warmer dry for a few hours under the sun before using it again.

3. Use an Upholstery Cleaner

The spray upholstery cleaners you use for your car’s interior can also be reused to keep your massage table warmers tidy. If the warmer has extremely tough stains, follow the spraying directions given on the cleaner and leave it to dry. Your warmer will be good as new the next time you use it!

4. Spot Clean

Lastly, one of the most convenient ways of keeping your massage table warmers clean is by wiping off any sports or dirt collecting immediately. Keep some baby wipes around and any time you notice a stain, quickly wipe it off, so it doesn’t leave a permanent mark. If the stain is of lipstick, powder, or other cosmetic products, chances are your ordinary baby wipes won’t work against it. 

In such circumstances, use a makeup remover wipe with a low alcohol concentration or dab a cotton pad with a few drops of makeup removing solution and rub off the stain with it.

Do You Put Massage Table Warmers Under Fitted Sheets?

Massage table warmers can be used under or over sheets, especially if they’re made of fleece material. However, for more effective and even heat-up, it is best to place them under fitted sheets. The extra layer acts as an insulator to control the amount of heat your client is exposed to. The fitted sheets also keep the warmed set in place to avoid any disturbances or unnecessary movements during a session with your clients.

Can Massage Table Warmers be Machine Washed?

Most massage table warmers have electric wiring for heat up and therefore can’t be washed in your washing machine. Not only would it ruin the wires, but it can also cause the delicate fabric material to lose its softness and quality. The warmer may also shrink and get out of shape. All of these risks have the potential to ruin your massage table warmer. Therefore it is better to send it to the dry cleaners with a fragile label. 

Other Products We Looked At:

Therapist’s Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Therapist's Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer
If you’re looking for a lightweight table warmer that won’t drive up your electric bills too much, you should go for this one by Therapist’s choice. It is built to be incredibly energy efficient and offers therapeutic heating to clients with sore muscles and backaches.

This table warmer comes with a handy controller, so you can easily adjust the settings as per your client’s preferences. You will also find an emergency auto shut-off function when overheating is detected.

This reduces the chances of any accidents occurring. Lastly, most massage therapists love this warmer as it can be thrown into the washer and comes out looking brand new.

Key Points at a Glance

  • 5 heat options with a hand remote.
  • Four timer settings and overheat protection.
  • UN obstructive heating wires.
Therapist’s Choice® Standard Massage Table Warmer, 12 Foot Power Cord
Therapist’s Choice® Standard Massage Table Warmer, 12 Foot Power Cord
Therapist’s Choice Deluxe Massage Table Warmer, Full Size 71"x31"; Elastic corner table positioning straps

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EMBERsoft ESUB30 Deluxe Electric Massage Table Warmer Pad

EMBERsoft ESUB30 Deluxe Electric Massage Table Warmer Pad
Whether you’re just starting your massage therapy practice or looking for expert-level warmers, the EMBERsoft is perfect for both. It has adjustable temperature settings from low to high and comes with overheat protection as well. The auto shut-off features take the worry of forgetting to turn your table warmer off, and you can even adjust it for a particular number of hours.

Unlike most massage table warmers, the EMBERsoft comes with a removable controller. This means that you can easily wash it with water without worrying about damaging the sensitive wiring system.

A durable elastic strap ensures a proper fit on any large massage table, and you can even use it as a blanket warmer!

Key Points at a Glance

  • 3 temperature settings.
  • Detacable controller system.
  • Soft outer fabric for maximum comfort.
EMBERsoft ESUB30 Deluxe Electric Massage Table Warmer Pad/Bed Under Blanket
EMBERsoft ESUB30 Deluxe Electric Massage Table Warmer Pad/Bed Under Blanket
Washable - detachable controller enables you to hand wash your warmer pad without risk

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Zenstone Pro – 2in1 Ultra Thick Massage Table Warmer & Cover

Zenstone Pro - 2in1 Ultra Thick Massage Table Warmer & Cover
This Zenstone massage table warmer is one of the most powerful and durable ones on the market. It features five heat settings and has an added timer for auto shut off to prevent overheating incidents. The large size of the warmer ensures it can fit over nearly every massage table. It is further equipped with straps to ensure a tight fit for maximum client comfort.

Our favorite feature has to be the constructive wires. Both the power cord and sewn wires are integrated masterfully to allow flexibility and ease of use without getting in the way.

Key Points at a Glance

  • Ultra-soft and thick Sherpa fleece with moisture repellent underside.
  • Touch activated five adjustable heat settings.
  • Smart monitoring system to prevent overheating.
ZENSTONE Pro - 2in1 Ultra-Thick Massage Table Warmer & Cover | 2019 Model
ZENSTONE Pro - 2in1 Ultra-Thick Massage Table Warmer & Cover | 2019 Model
HIGH TECH - Touch-Activated. 5 smart heat intensities and customizable time programs; FREE REPLACEMENT PLAN - If it stops working, simply swap for a new one. Conditions apply

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Massage Table Warmers can be a great marketing tool for professionals, a potential upsell, or simply a luxurious additon for the home massage entheusiast. All of the items on our list are excellent. We suggest starting your journey with the Earthlite or the Master Massage, and going from there.

Master Massage UL Listed Massage Table Warmer
Master Massage UL Listed Massage Table Warmer
ETL and CETL Certified for strict North American Safety Standards;; Plush fleece provides luxurious comfort;
−$25.06 $73.94

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