Ejaculation During Massage – Oops! What Do Do About It

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It can happen, don’t beat yourself up over it. A massage is an extremely sensual experience, and it’s not unusual for people to react in surprising ways to an intense massage.

Have you experienced unintentional ejaculation during massage? If you ejaculate by mistake, what does that mean, and how will the massage therapist react to it?

A significant number of people, both men and women, who visit massage parlors for a standard, typical massage have experienced accidental, orgasms. This embarrassing phenomenon can be quite discomforting not just for the person but also for the massage therapist!

Developing an erection during a full body massage is quite common and acceptable to most massage therapists, but outright ejaculation can be a… complexity that needs to be dealt with.

In this article, we’ll discuss the thorny subject and how to deal with it, if it occurs.

Tips for Clients Who May Experience Unintentional Orgasm

If you are a client and you ejaculate unintentionally, it is normal to feel embarrassed. Remember that your therapist will feel violated and unsettled.

If you apologize to them and point out that it wasn’t your intention to orgasm, this will put them at ease, and they will understand. Also, you should take it upon yourself to clean the area, and yourself, before either leaving or continuing the massage, depending on the circumstances.

If the therapist has been doing this for a while, they have probably experienced this phenomenon before. If you feel that you are getting close to orgasming, you may want to alert your therapist before it happens! Request a break or ask for them to move to a different area.

Better to stop before it happens than have an embarrassing moment.

And if it’s happened before, it can’t hurt to warn your therapist before you start your massage.

And if it’s happened before, it can’t hurt to warn your therapist before you start your massage.

Unintentional Ejaculation During Massage: How Do Massage Therapists Feel About This?

Massage therapists are trained to expect accidental ejaculation from some clients, and they prepare for it. But this doesn’t mean that they have to like it.

Some massage therapists will feel violated when they find out that their client has ejaculated.

Professional therapists who encounter clients who suffer from accidental orgasm are trained to handle it in a professional manner according to the ethics of the profession and in line with the standards in the spa where they work.

How they feel about it, though, depends on the nature of the ejaculation and the circumstances.

Intentional or Unintentional Ejaculation

To better understand how they feel about accidental ejaculation, you need to look at the intention. Why did the client release?

Is it because the client actually wanted to do so? Maybe he fantasized about having sex with the massage therapist? Or is it because of an accidental ejaculation after the therapist touched certain erogenous zones, even in a non-sexual manner?

If the ejaculation is not so accidental, the therapist will likely be angry, and at the very least kick you out of the spa. But the truth is, there is only a thin line between accidental and non-accidental.

Also, determining exactly what happened is not always easy.

But what will be worse and crossing the boundaries is when the client solicits for sexual favors. In these cases, the therapist should reject such a request and stop the session altogether.

The truth is, there is only a thin line between accidental and non-accidental.

Should the therapist address the client or not, though?

This is a grey area that warrants a lot of wisdom, patience, and maturity.

If the accidental ejaculation really was unintentional, the client will feel embarrassed and surprised at the same time, just as the therapist will.

Unintentional Ejaculation is Still a Mystery For Science

Science is still trying to unravel why some people experience accidental ejaculation without any particular stimulation of their genitalia or sexual thoughts. Even if the massage is stimulating non-sexual areas, it may be that the genitalia is also being stimulated simply by being in contact with the massage bed or sheets.

Oh, and women are not left out of this! There are women who will orgasm if certain non-sexual body parts are touched.

Understanding The Psychology of Ejaculation

For some men, during a massage, they experience involuntary ejaculation when they are lying in a certain position or when the massage therapist is working on certain erogenous zones like their back, upper thighs, and buttocks.

These regions have highly sensitive nerves that may trigger ejaculation.

Tips To Reduce Involuntary Ejaculation During A Massage

So assuming you have had a discussion with your client and he has told you that he suffers from unintentional ejaculation when having a massage, here are some precautions you can take.

1. Use Strict Draping Practices

One thing you can do is drape their inner thighs with thick sheets or towels to reduce the impact of your touch. The nerves in this part of the body are highly sensitive. But with thick padding, the excitement they will feel around their genitalia will be reduced.

2. Change Location

As you massage their body, watch for muscle tightening; one you notice a part of their body tightening, this is an indication that they are getting excited, and if you continue to massage that spot, they may ejaculate involuntarily.

Another way to tell is when they begin to breathe deeply and vigorously. Sudden deep breaths and fidgeting are signs to look out for and a clear sign to stop and change location.

3. Limit Torso Rocking

The torso is one area therapists focus on because it is a highly stressed area. If the client is prone to unintentional ejaculation, limit torso rocking so as not to get them excited.

4. Absorbent Sheets

Despite your best efforts, your client may still ejaculate, so you have to plan for this. Place a thick sheet with absorption capacity on the massage table where they will rest their groin and place extra barriers on the sides of their thighs.


Assuming we’re not talking about a sensual massage or a nuru massage, there shouldn’t be any orgasm during a regular massage. But it can happen, and it regularly does happen.

If you experience ejaculation or even erection during a massage, be apologetic, polite, respectful, and responsible for your actions.