How To Burn Rope Incense In Your Home

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Rope Incense is a really cool format for incense. It looks great and burns for a long time. But many people don’t know how to use it. We’ve put together this guide on how to burn rope incense to show you everything you need to know!

Here are the basics:

  • Light one end of the tip
  • Position it in an upright or horizontal position

Continue reading to learn about the origin of rope incense and how to use it.

Rope incense is one of the oldest incense formats in use, along with loose incense. Many people don’t know how to burn rope incense because it is not as popular as other types of incense.

This form of incense is very popular in many regions today, but it has its origin in Tibet.

Rope incense is a combination of aromatic herbs and rice parts twisted into coiling ropes of incense.

They are handmade Tibetan rope incense in Nepal for traditional purposes. It has been used for centuries and passed from one generation to the next to keep the custom alive.

Furthermore, the dried herbs in Tibetan rope incense are selected from scented plants. It is wrapped in eco-friendly traditional Nepali wrappers called Nepali Lokta paper. Then braided into a rope.

How To Burn Rope Incense In Your Home

Rope Incense

If you want to burn rope incense on an incense burner at home, all you have to do is the following to burn safely.

1. Light One End

Light one end of the rope incense rice paper the same way you will light an incense stick. Once alight, blow out the fire for the ember flame to glow.

2. Position It

With the glowing ember now visible, place the rope on a fire-resistant dish or a handmade incense holder. Or better still, use a rope incense burner so it can burn uninterruptedly.

Burning rope incense is relatively easy. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you watch the process. Never leave it unattended so it doesn’t burn any surrounding object.

Using a handmade Nepal incense holder to gather the ash will keep your home clean.

Note that rope incense is sometimes a bit smokier than other types of incense, so be prepared. Provide plenty of ventilation!

Types of Rope Incense

Various Rope Incense

There are different rope incense, so if you are planning to stock up, you have more than enough options. But here are some of the common ones sold online and at stores.

1. Lemongrass

Rope incense made from lemongrass has a refreshing lemon aroma. It is an unusual fragrance for incense.

The strong scent will make your home a welcome paradise as s if you live in a garden. Lemongrass incense is popularly used in Buddhist and Hindu worship.

Adherents believe that it has mental healing qualities.

2. Lumbini

Lumbini is another type of rope incense in use today. This type is widely used in Zimpu rituals and originates from the Tibetan monastic order.

Lumbini incense comprises 25 ingredients. It includes sandalwood, nagi, and saffron.

3. Patchouli

Another option if you like Rope incense is Patchouli. This herb is highly rated for its rich properties, so incense made with it is highly rated too.

Patchouli has a strong spicy scent. It represents peace and love in many cultures; that is why they use it during wedding feasts.

4. Vajra

This list will be incomplete without mentioning Vajra. Regarded as the meditation incense, it is a traditional Dhupaya incense of Newari.

This incense is used by Hindus and Buddhists to meditate and for mental focus.

5. Tashi

Tashi is a ritual incense also used by the monks in Tibet. It is used for yoga and meditation.

Like other rope incenses, Tashi is handmade with about thirty different ingredients. It includes nagi, saffron, and white sandalwood mixed with red.

6. Amitabha Rope Incense

Amitabha Rope incense, also called Amitabha Buddha, is made with 25 different ingredients. It is also used for yoga and meditation.

7. Desert Rose

Then we have desert rose, which is a blend it Giovan, saldhoop, gokuldhoop, and frankincense.

This incense is used in temples, holes, and stupas to create an aromatic ambiance. It helps ease stress and calm the nerves.

Choosing the right rope incense may be something you find a little challenging since you are not a Tibetan monk yourself. But you can try them out one by one until you find one with an appealing fragrance.

Shopping online may be a little tricky, though. But if you were to buy it in person, you would be able to smell them after the other.

But the good news is that they all have pleasant smells. Anyone you buy will work unless you buy them for religious rituals. In that case, you have to be quite picky.

Rope Incense Trays

Rope Incense with Tray

There are trays made that are designed to hold rope incense, as shown above. Conveniently these are sold in a package with several rope incense scents.

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Rope incense is as easy as burning any other type of incense.

But ensure you take safety precautions to protect your home from going up in flames due to poor handling!