Natural Vitamins for Anxiety. Calm Anxiety Naturally

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Natural Vitamins for Anxiety

We live on an amazing planet, surrounded by astonishing beauty and wonderful people. It’s easy to forget that, though. Stress and anxiety can creep in, and the wonder and beauty are gone. Sadly, it’s a fact of life for many of us, but there are ways to ease such negative emotions.

There is a solid scientific reason why humans are so volatile with their emotions. Our emotional state is mostly driven by the chemicals secreted from our glands, known as hormones. In turn, our hormones influence the neurotransmitters in our brain. Such mechanisms influence our moods. When the hormones are produced in excess, it can be detrimental to our health. It’s at these times we can do with a little help from nature to balance our feelings back on the right track once again.

In this article, I’ll look at a few natural vitamins for anxiety, and consider some natural remedies for anxiety and stress. These may be alternatives or supplements to the typically-prescribed remedies.

Before we look at vitamins and supplements, let’s start with some simple calming exercises.

Natural Vitamins for Anxiety

As always, consult a doctor when considering starting, changing, or stopping medications.

Breathing and Exercises for Relaxation

Many seek help from conventional medicinal sources when suffering from psychological problems. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to that avenue. Using natural resources can complement a healthy diet and regular exercise. You could even go on and learn meditational breathing techniques.

  • Close your mouth and take a deep breath through your nose.
  • Allow your stomach to blow up like a balloon extending outwards.
  • Hold the breath for around 4-5 seconds.
  • Breath the air out through your open mouth.

Repeat a few times until you feel calmer. Close your eyes if the situation allows.

It’s good to know there are so many ways to treat our negative emotions.

Visualize for Relaxation Therapy

Meditation on Grass

We all like to think that we can cope with our anxieties. No doubt your friends, neighbors, and others on your block are also suffering from symptoms of life’s ups and downs. That’s why sometimes we need a little extra help to get our body balance back on track. For this, some take prescribed medication, which can be very successful. If you don’t want to go that way, or you want additional help,  natural supplements may be the answer. Most have few side effects and many people swear by them.

As well as taking natural supplements, you should also consider learning relaxation techniques. Mindful meditation is easy to learn and can be done anywhere, anytime.

See here for some in-depth suggestions on meditation for anxiety.

If you find yourself feeling anxious, the first relaxation exercise should be the deep breathing. Once you’re doing this, visualize a place in your mind where you always feel content, such as the seashore. Think about the salty smell of the ocean and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Imagine yourself there. It only takes moments of your time and can be very beneficial.

Someone who suffers from anxiety often cannot sleep very well. They may not be able to get to sleep in the first instance, as they lay there worrying. Or, they may wake up in the early hours and be unable to get back to sleep. Insomnia is not a pleasant experience and leaves the sufferer feeling exhausted.

This can lead to a feedback loop where stress, anxiety, and insomnia all cause and are caused by each other.

Insomnia and its Relation to Stress and Anxiety

Why We Sleep

In a sense, when we sleep we are recharging our batteries. Sleep is as important as food and water when it comes to our survival. If you aren’t getting the right type of sleep, you will feel agitated and irritable when awake.

Your lack of concentration may reduce your normal pattern of work performance. This only serves to add to your load of worry and stress.

The book shown above, Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker, Director of UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab, is an essential guide to getting better sleep. It covers the importance of sleep, and gives actionable strategies you can employ to improve your sleep.

Start here when it comes to sleep.

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
Hardcover Book; Walker PhD, Matthew (Author); English (Publication Language); 368 Pages - 10/03/2017 (Publication Date) - Scribner (Publisher)
−$13.22 $15.77 Amazon Prime

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Of course, there are plenty of western medicines like Ambien to help with sleep, but these seem to be a dead-end. Melatonin may help, but it has many issues including dosage and timing. It’s not really practical for regular use.

What about Alcohol for Sleep?

Alcohol tends to make people sleepy and may get you to sleep. But alcohol negatively impacts REM sleep, and in the end, results in overall poorer sleep than if you hadn’t had any alcohol.

Alternative Solutions to Insomnia

There are a few natural options you can consider that may help induce sleep. However, as mentioned above, the bottom line is that you can’t rely on any of these for the long term.

If your insomnia is recurrent and incessant, you should be picking up Dr. Walker’s book (and perhaps talking to a doctor), not a bottle of pills or supplements.

Kava Tea for Sleep

Kalm with Kava Borogu Instant Kava Micronized

Many people find kava tea to be an effective treatment for insomnia.

A few points on Kava and Sleep:

  • Stick to reputable brands that provide lab testing data and chemotype information.
  • Avoid any supplements that include other products along with the kava. These are almost universally bad quality.
  • Kava in its traditional forms tastes terrible. Just down it as quickly as you can.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and kava at the same time. By substituting kava for alcohol, you’ll further help your sleep.

The kava shown above, an Instant Borogu Kava from Kalm with Kava, is a good choice that may encourage rest.

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Alcohol-Free Valerian Root Liquid

Alcohol-Free Valerian Root Liquid
  • 1000mg (2oz) of Valerian Root, super concentrate
  • Each dose is a drop of 1ml
  • Promotes calmness and relaxation
  • Helps with restful slumber
  • Traceable from plant to bottle.

Not everyone is keen on the smell of Valerian Root. For this reason, some mix the drops with water, fruit juice, or herbal tea. Taken on its own, it has a peppery taste. It is not an oil and must be taken orally. Some believe that after around 3-weeks the effects may weaken a little, so it’s worth taking a break for a while.

The liquid form is soothing on the gut and has no ill effects.

Nature's Answer Alcohol-Free Valerian Root, 2-Fluid Ounces
Nature's Answer Alcohol-Free Valerian Root, 2-Fluid Ounces
Gluten-free; Non-GMO; Vegan; No Artificial Preservatives or Flavors; Cruelty-Free
−$1.67 $19.29 Amazon Prime

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Kava Stress Relief Candy

Ozia Originals Kava Candy

Kava is one of the most popular natural solutions to anxiety issues. It has minimal impacts, is non-addictive, and works well at reducing anxiety.

The problem is that kava tea is inconvenient for use in the office or generally outside the home, and nobody wants to see you kneading kava in the break room!

Additionally, most kava pills and supplements are trash and should be avoided. There is a solution, though: Kava Stress Relief Candy.

Each Kava Candy provides about 50 mg of Kavalactones from a blend of Noble Hawaiian and Vanuatu Kavas. You won’t get “krunk” from Kava Candy, but 1-2 tablets will take your anxiety and stress level from a 9 down to a 6.

Ozia Originals provides more information about their Kava than essentially any other tablet manufacturer, though it would be nice to see a little more data from them.

These are perhaps the best natural, quick-acting anxiolytics available.

Chamomile Tea or Chamomile Essential Oil for Anxiety Reduction

No products found.

Natural cures come in many forms, such as herbal teas, oils, and capsules. Studies have shown than chamomile tea lowered the levels of the hormone cortisol.

This is a problematic chemical when overproduced, as in times of stress. Consequently, chamomile products may aid in softening the impact of anxiety. As the study states, “The recent results from the controlled clinical trial on chamomile extract for GAD [General Anxiety Disorder] suggests that it may have modest anxiolytic activity in patients with mild to moderate GAD.”

You can also consider Chamomile Essential Oil as an alternative if you don’t like the taste of the tea. Try diffusing it in the room.

No products found.

Natural Vitamins for Anxiety

Low levels of magnesium can result in fatigue. This, in turn, can result in negative feelings, such as depression and anxiety.

If you are suffering from anxiety, then your body may use up your stores of magnesium even quicker. This results in natural levels dropping further like a vicious circle.

Magnesium supplements help to restore those low levels. You can regain some of that lost energy and feel more positive about yourself.

There are many forms of magnesium supplements, so make sure you get the right one for your needs. Let’s have a closer look at an easy absorption magnesium supplement. It works on the relaxation of muscle function and also calms the nerves too.

Triple Calm Magnesium Capsules for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Triple Calm Magnesium Capsules for Stress and Anxiety Relief
  • Easily-digestible vegetable cellulose capsules of 150mg
  • Contains 120 capsules for 60 days treatment
  • Promotes relaxation and restfulness
  • Also good for cardio, nerve function, and muscle density
  • Contains Magnesium: Taurate, Malate, and Glycinate
  • Sourced and manufactured in the USA
  • FDA certified

Each capsule contains 25mg of the three types of magnesium. This product is gluten, dairy, and corn-free. It’salso non-GMO organic.

Even if your magnesium levels are not low, you will suffer no bad consequences from this product. Users suffering from anxiety issues report good results, such as reduced palpitations.

It is not a sleeping pill, it is a relaxant. Nor is it a total cure for anxiety issues, but it eases the symptoms. This is a high-quality supplement that should not upset the stomach in any way. It might not work for everyone, but it comes highly recommended by many.

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The Vitamin B’s

When suffering anxious moments, calming yourself before panic sets can help you recover quicker. Research informs us that when we are psychologically unstable, certain hormones increase. To reduce these effects, it’s also important to eat a healthy diet, do some exercise and find time for relaxation. Each of these aspects helps our brain’s chemistry to function advantageously.

Anxiety is not a disease, it is a normal function that could save your life if you were in a dangerous situation. Those chemicals you release when agitated, are the “fight or flight” hormones. Our ancestors relied on this response to get out of danger. It’s only when anxiety turns into stress that you release these hormones on a regular basis. That’s when you need to be giving your body a little help.

The nutrients of vitamins play an important role in our wellbeing. The various vitamin B’s have many healthy effects on our body, and even on anxiety itself:

  • B1 helps to balance blood sugars.
  • B3 helps with the production of the hormone serotonin.
  • B5 plays a role in the vital gland where the hormone adrenalin is secreted.
  • B6 plays a role in our magnesium levels, one of our vital electrolytes.
  • B8 helps keep our cells healthy so they can reproduce. Also triggers the release of calcium.
  • B9 is also called Folic Acid which is crucial for healthy brain function
  • B12  helps to make healthy blood cells and is good for anemia.

To benefit from all the B’s try this Vitamin B Complex supplement.

Super B Complex Vitamins Supplement for Stress

Super B Complex Vitamins Supplement for Stress
  • Contains Vitamins B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9,12
  • 90 Water soluble capsules
  • Contains important natural ingredients, such as inositol and choline
  • Non GMO.
  • Soy and Gluten-free with no artificial ingredients
  • Vegan safe
  • USA produced within FDA inspected facilities.

If the body doesn’t produce sufficient vitamin B by itself, this combination ensures you have your recommended daily dosage. Should your body not need the entire supplement, it will naturally wash excess away.

This process can color the urine but does not have any ill effect on your health.

For some there can be side effects, such as skin irritation, but most users are reporting good health results.

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What About St John’s Wort?

St John’s Wort Extract for Mood & Mental Health

St. John’s Wort is one of the most well-known natural supplements for those looking to treat anxiety and depression. And there is some evidence that it works to treat depression in a manner quite similar to SSRIs. However, it’s not an ideal choice for medically diagnosed depression, and it has a lot of side-effects of concern.

Additionally, it has many negative reactions with other drugs.

Most importantly, there’s no evidence St. John’s Wort directly treats anxiety. Though, of course, anxiety and depression are linked.

All of this makes St. John’s Wort a poor solution for those seeking natural anxiety treatment.


Whether you trust natural ingredients or prefer prescribed medicines, one thing for sure is that a little help is always welcome.

Natural supplements are meant to complement other means of relieving the effects of negative mood swings. That includes the physical tools we can use, such as exercise, eating a healthy diet and time-out for ourselves. You can also take natural remedies along with prescribed medicines, though do check with your doctor first.

Natural supplements are not harmful, though some may have side effects from certain herbs and vitamins. It’s a case of trial and error until you find the right natural way to help you in your busy day.