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Vibrating Massager During Pregnancy

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When you’re pregnant, you feel like your an emotional rollercoaster. There is bliss, then there’s also stress. And of course, the physical changes in the body that can feel uncomfortable. Pregnant women deserve all the comfort and relaxation that they can get! 

However, pregnant women can be unsure about doing things that usually relaxed them before they were pregnant. As they are now carrying a child, there are risks to consider. One of the things that could make them think twice is using a vibrating massager.

Is It Safe To Use A Vibrating Massager During Pregnancy?

Generally, it is safe to use a vibrating massager, and some even suggest using them because of the many benefits they offer. However, there are also risks while using vibrating massagers. The best thing to do is to consult your doctor before using one. 

The main issue about its safety is due to possibly triggering premature labor. However, with proper planning and proper use, it is possible to safely use vibrating massagers while you are pregnant. 

What Are The Benefits of a Vibrating Massager During Pregnancy?

Massage Chair and Pregnancy

Pregnant bodies often mean pain in areas you haven’t felt pain before!

You can feel this in your legs, back, abdomen, feet, and sometimes your arms too. The main reason for using a vibrating massager is to help relieve some of these pains. While it does that, there are also more benefits you can get from it such as the following:

Lowers Stress Levels

Pregnancy in itself can already be stressful. Your hormones aren’t at their usual levels and you might catch yourself overthinking about the baby coming. Add all those stress to your daily life and sore muscles, then you could feel that your stress levels are through the roof. 

Stress isn’t good for you as well as for your little one so finding a remedy to those sore muscles can help lower stress. One of the many benefits of massages is reducing stress. It does this by increasing endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. 

Relaxes The Muscles


With a massager like a neck and shoulder massager, the sore and tense muscles can relax. During pregnancy, the muscles can strain and there could also be water retention. This can cause the muscles to tighten and to be sore. 

The vibrating massagers can help improve blood flow to the muscles so that it can relax. This feels great as the pain from the tension and soreness is relieved. 

Improves Sleep

peaceful sleep

Sleep is essential to any pregnant woman. A body that has sore and filled with aching muscles will feel uncomfortable even when you’re just lying in bed!

By helping with the sore muscles, the pregnant woman becomes more comfortable and is likely to fall asleep easily as she sleeps comfortably. 

What Are The Risks?

Although using vibrating massages can be quite beneficial to pregnant women, there are still risks to consider. The improper use of such massagers could increase the risk. And it is also worth repeating to tell you to speak to your doctor or your healthcare provider before you decide to use such devices

Don’t skip that step! Here’s why:

Risk Of Miscarriage

One of the major risks when using vibrating massagers or getting massages while pregnant is the risk of miscarriage. The risk of having a miscarriage is highest in the first trimester. This is also the reason why many massage therapists won’t give you the massage therapy you’d like. 

However, there are still licensed therapist who specialized in pregnant women and gives a prenatal massage. Some would agree to do a prenatal massage during the first trimester while there are others who insist on not giving you the massage until your second or third trimester. 

Risk Of Early Labor

Another risk of using vibrating massagers is having early labor. Some people believe that acupressure can induce contractions or early labor, but there isn’t much proof about this. According to them, there are trigger points in the body that when pressed could lead to labor. These trigger points are usually located at the ankle and wrist area. 

Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension

Vibrating massagers won’t cause pregnancy-induced hypertension or PIH. This is a type of hypertension that is temporary and could happen after the week 20 mark of pregnancy. This is risky because it can also lead to preeclampsia. 

Although vibrating massagers won’t cause this disease to appear, it can alter the blood flow in the body. One thing that is being avoided here is to increase the blood pressure due to the use of the vibrating massagers. This is also a reason why you have to talk to your doctor before you use these kinds of devices. 

Dislodging Blood Clots

There are many changes that happen when a woman becomes pregnant. One of them could be an increase in the blood volume. Additionally, the blood flow especially in the legs and lower extremities could be slower. The slower movement could form blood clots. 

When a vibrating massager is used, it can dislodge the clots that have formed. The clots can travel through the blood vessel and be stuck somewhere causing life-threatening consequences. Clots that go to the lungs, brain, or just be stuck in other major blood vessels. 

What Areas Should Be Avoided?

Although vibrating massagers can be approved by your doctor, there are still areas where you should avoid using them. First of all, they shouldn’t be used on the lower legs. As we’ve discussed above, there can be blood clots in the lower extremities that can be dislodged when a vibrating massager is used. 

Secondly, vibrating massagers shouldn’t also be used on the tummy area. If you want to massage the tummy, it would be best to use your hands and limit it to gentle strokes only. 

Another area that should be avoided is the lower back, ankles, or hands. These are areas that have pressure points related to labor.  Even if there isn’t much proof about the effectiveness of inducing labor through the pressure points, avoiding it as a precaution is the best practice. 

Types Of Vibrating Massagers

Once you’ve cleared vibrating massagers with your doctor and once you’ve fully understood the risks and precautions involved, its time to select the type of vibrating massager to use. Here are the most common types available in the market today: 

Vibrating Massage Chairs

Ideal Massage Chair

Vibrating massage chairs like the Ideal Massage Chair shown above are great! They can offer you full-body massages while you just relax and sit on them.

Some of the Best Massage Chairs will allow you to select which areas of the body to massage. This is great because you might want to turn off the massagers for the legs to avoid the risk of dislodging any blood clots. 

Also, make sure that you still fit comfortably in massage chairs before choosing your chair. For some pregnant women, it can be a tight fit! You shouldn’t try to squeeze yourself in.

Don’t use it if you’re already uncomfortable by just sitting in it. There are other options available.  

Vibrating Neck Massager

Neck Massager

There are vibrating neck massagers that are specifically made for the neck area only while there are also others that can be used for the neck, shoulders, and back . Either way, these massagers are both great because you can target an area that you want to massage. They can help the muscles relax and lessen your stress. 

Vibrating Back Massager

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Vibrating back massagers can come in a seat cushion form that you place over any seat, or can be draped over the shoulders.

They can be used to massage the neck, upper back, lower back, and even the buttocks or thigh part.

When using such, just make sure to only opt for the upper back massage. You can use the other areas after the baby is born. 

Additionally, there are also vibrating back massagers that look like pillows, like this one shown below.

Vibrating Back Pillow

You can place them on the neck or upper back. Some even come with a heating option. Don’t be alarmed because the heat is gentle enough that it doesn’t cause the body to overheat. It only provides additional comfort. 

Handheld Vibrating Massager

Handheld Massager

Another type of vibrating massager you can select are the handheld massagers. There are lots of choices here, with many different styles, attachements, and modes including percussion massage.

These have long handles so you can easily reach different areas in your back. Just choose ones that aren’t too heavy so you can comfortably use them. Better yet, ask help from your partner to use it on you. Just take note of the different areas of the body that you should avoid. 

Handheld vibrating massagers also come with a variety of attachments. The great thing about them is that you can pinpoint certain areas in your neck or upper body that really need the massage. You can just focus on that area and relieve certain sore muscles.


A vibrating massager can be a great source of calm after a long day. Pregnancy is short, but each day can be long! A Vibrating Massager During Pregnancy can be a source of comfort and relief. Just be careful how you use it, and discuss it with your physician before jumping in.