Relaxation by the Water

Foot Spa Electrocution: Is It Real?

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Foot spas are a Godsend! You can just plug them in, plop your feet in them and enjoy a cup of tea while getting a massage, all while sitting in the comfort of your home. After a long day, they are the perfect way to unwind and let go of the stress and soreness in your body. 

But what if someone told you that you could possibly get electrocuted during this entire process? Is foot spa electrocution a real phenomenon?

Electrical appliances that contain water always run the risk of causing electrocution. After all, water is a conductor of electricity. If an electric shock enters a small pool of water, well, the results can be quite shocking. Literally. And since foot spas contain rollers, jets, and warmers that are powered by electricity, the risk of electrocution may be enhanced in their case. 

For that reason, people are constantly advised to stay cautious when using them.

If you have the same questions in mind, keep reading our guide to determine whether it is possible or not, what safety precautions you can take when using foot spas, and much more. 

What are Foot Spas and How Can They Be Dangerous? 

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Before we discuss the risk of electrocution with foot spas, let’s briefly go over what foot spas are, and how they can be potentially dangerous. 

Foot spas are electrical machines that, when switched on, create bubbles that help massage, clean, and scrub the feet without doing any manual work. The MaxKare Foot Spa shown above is a perfect example of a foot spa in use.

Depending on the cost and type of foot spa, it can have added features such as adjustable water temperature, enhanced massaging features, bubble jets (don’t use bubble bath!), and so on. 

Basic science tells us that water and electricity don’t mix well together. And since foot spas are powered by electricity, they can be potentially dangerous.

For example, if you have your feet dipped in the water and a live wire drops in the foot spa, you might electrocute yourself. Additionally, if any water drops near the socket or electrical components, there is also a chance of electric shocks in that case. 

Is Foot Spa Electrocution Possible? 

ACEVIVI Foot Spa with Motorized Massager

For the most part, foot spas are safe to use, assuming you purchase a decent quality unit and keep it in good working order. The ACEVIVI unit shown above is an excellent choice, for example. In most foot spas, tub itself and the knobs and buttons are all made of plastic, an insulator of electricity. The plastic blocks any electricity from passing, so none of it would reach you. 

The risk of electrocution can occur if you overfill the spa with water, or if there is damage to the unit and exposed electrical wires. If water is splashing around, outside the spa, ultimately reaching any electrical components or appliances in the surrounding area, you could be in danger. 

Foot spa manufacturers have designed these machines to be completely safe using wires and cables that are efficiently covered with water-resistant sheathing materials. Additionally, they also place the buttons and controls far away from the actual tub so that no water comes in contact with them. 

How to Practice Safety Around Foot Spas 

MUCHOO Foot Spa and Massager

Though the risk of foot spa electrocution is pretty minimal, it is always a good idea to practice safety when you are using foot spas. Some of the ways you can do that are by doing the following:

  • Read and follow the manual: Before using your foot spa, it is always a good rule of thumb to read the instructions mentioned in the manual and adhere to them to avoid any trouble. 
  • Keep the Foot Spa in Good Condition: Check your foot spa before use. If you see damage, holes, cuts in the power cord, etc., don’t use the spa.
  • Don’t adjust the controls: When you have your feet in the foot spa, and it is turned on, avoid adjusting any controls or pushing any buttons, particularly those attached to the spa, as that might be risky
  • Get a battery-operated foot spa: If you are buying a foot spa for the first time, consider getting a battery-operated one because it runs an even lower risk of electrocution than the electrical foot spa.
  • Read reviews before buying: Some foot spas may be manufactured poorly or are of low quality. Thus you should always read customer reviews of each foot spa before buying one. See our foot spa reviews for recommendations.


Foot spas are an excellent investment, especially for those who suffer from muscle aches or are on their feet for most of the day. They are the perfect tool to help relax and rejuvenate. If you have been feeling hesitant to use foot spas because of the risk of foot spa electrocution, we hope this guide cleared away your concerns.

 For the most part, these machines are safe to use, especially if you have bought a good quality one and if you are following all the necessary precautions. Good luck! 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Are Foot Spas Unsafe?

The only time that foot spas are unsafe is when they have been manufactured with low-quality materials and not from a reputable brand. Secondly, they are also considered dangerous in some instances for people with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and frostbite. 

Are Foot Spas Good For Your Feet?

They are extremely good for feet as they improve circulation, ease sore feet, and relax them. Not only that, but they also improve mood and contribute to good sleep. All in all, they can be a worthwhile purchase. 

Are Foot Spas Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

They are entirely safe to use for pregnant women. In fact, they are a great way of relieving stress, and the soreness in swollen feet women have during pregnancy. However, it is still recommended that you consult with your doctor before using a foot spa.