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Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy. Learn to Safely Reduce Pain!

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There’s nothing better after being outside on a chilly day, and coming indoors where it’s cozy and warm. As our body warms up, the pain leaves our cold fingers and limbs, making us feel much better. It’s easy to associate pain with coldness. Heat is one of those sensations that you can feel, but cannot see. Although you can usually see the cause of it.

Heat is commonly used to treat pain, and one of the new popular methods of controlling pain is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy. In this review article, we’ll look at this new type of therapy, and consider one of the top infrared heat lamps on the market. Read on if you’re looking to safely reduce pain without drugs or side-effects.

infrared heat lamp therapy

How can heat be a cure for pain?

The type of heat you use plays a major role in how your body reacts.

We all know that you shouldn’t stay under the heat of the sun for too long. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun actually harm the cells in our skin, and can cause cancer (especially sunburns).

UV rays are a type of electromagnetic field (EMF). Then again, so is light, radio waves, and X-rays too. EMF is everywhere. Even your average computer screen gives out EMF waves. Yes, there are some who are concerned about EMF waves. But most people won’t be bothered by EMF heat lamps, any more than they are bothered by sitting in front of a laptop.

Exposure to low levels of EMF is not a danger to humans.

Beurer Wavelength Chart

What is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy?

Infrared therapy is a form of energy therapy. Although, this is not the first time that energy has been used as a pain relief:

In ancient times they used electric eels. Thankfully, in modern times this has been replaced with Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS). These are small, portable machines that give off little electrical impulses which relieve the sensation of pain. One example of a common TENS unit is the HiDow XPD12, which we reviewed here.

Infrared Heating pads are another means of using energy to ease pain. You can buy them for the back, shoulders, feet and other parts of the body that suffer pain.

You can even buy massage pads and massage chairs to ease your aches and pains

Clinical studies are showing that infrared therapy is painless, and for many people successful. For years, infrared lights have been used on premature babies, and baby animals. It’s the “Far” infrared heat that’s proving to be an acceptable means of pain relief, among other health benefits.

Infrared heat comes naturally from the sun, which it’s why many people enjoy the heat of the sun. Sadly, they will also suffer ultraviolet (UV) light too, which is harmful to the skin.

By exposing the body to Far infrared heat waves between 700-1000 nanometers (nm), it can penetrate skin and insulating fat. This will then reach through to muscles, nerves, and bones. The heat is absorbed in our cells and alters our metabolism slightly. We experience a photochemical reaction. This changes our bioactive neuromodulators, such as boosting our endorphin hormones.

Infrared Saunas are a popular way to get infrared exposure, but they aren’t the only way. There are many other devices that supply infrared heat therapy to the body.

Is Infrared Dangerous?

Normally we would associate infrared waves in relation to space and radiation. Infrared waves are emitted by anything that produces heat:


  • Your average kitchen toaster.
  • Any remote control.
  • Power lines.

Higher frequency EMF results in a photochemical reaction.

  • Microwaves cook your food.
  • Tanning lamps tan your skin.
  • Plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.

It’s all a natural reaction from the absorption of energy. Just as there is no danger with low levels of EMF, nor is there any danger from low levels of infrared waves.

Our bodies emit a low level of infrared energy. This is most likely where the ancient hand-healing beliefs came from. It still exists but today they call palm healing, “Reiki.”

Low levels of infrared energy waves can be beneficial for humans. Infrared heat can penetrate deep into soft tissue. This results in improved blood circulation, and a reduction off pain from inflammation. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has produced a paper titled “Far infrared radiation (FIR). Biological effects and medical applications.” In the paper, the authors have stated that:

“the body experiences its (FIR) energy as a gentle radiant heat. This can penetrate almost 4cm beneath the skin…improving health at a cellular level.”

Also within this paper was mentioned research on FIR emitting gloves to treat arthritis in the hands. If such materials do prove effective, it opens up a whole range of future possibilities, such as FIR treated bandages for quicker healing.

For those who wake up every day in pain, taking constant pain medication can have unwelcome side effects. Infrared heat lamp therapy could be a new innovative remedy for pain management. With little or no side effects.

What are the Benefits of Infrared Therapy?

Blood Circulation

Infrared heat helps increase blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels. This means that people with blood circulatory problems will benefit from infrared therapy.

How does it do this?

It’s believed to affect nitric oxide, which is a natural molecule produced in our body. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels so they widen; a process called vasodilation. It works by relaxing the walls of vessels. This increases the size of the veins, allowing blood to flow more freely. With a healthy blood flow comes an improvement in the oxidation of cells and organs.

It also helps to lower blood pressure. By increasing blood circulation, it ensures oxygen and nutrients are circulated around the body.


With a better flow of blood circulation, extra nutrients will reach injured tissue. The damaged part of your body that the infrared treatment is targeting, begins to repair itself, thus relieving the user of pain. For optimal cell stimulation, you need a heat wavelength between 680-880nm.


Again, it is the restoration of damaged tissue that reduces the inflammation. Potentially it can help patients suffering arthritis. That also includes sciatica, carpal tunnel, muscle damage, and any back or joint pain related to inflammation.

What is an Infrared Heat Lamp?

These are lamps that emit infrared heat. They are not the “Light Lamps,” that are used in SAD therapy. Although they work similarly, infrared heat lamps treat different conditions.

As with any piece of health equipment, you should always look to buy FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. It should show this on the instructions. Here’s an example of an FDA approved Infrared lamp, the Bruer Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp.

Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp Therapy

Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp Therapy

Key Points at a Glance

  • 300W Halogen Bulb is covered with a safety glass head of 6.5 x 6 inches in size
  • The head is adjustable in movement
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Treats an area of skin 12 x 16 inches
  • UV free.
  • Digital Timer
  • FDA cleared
Beurer Infrared Heat Therapy

Because it has a swivel and tilt head, the Brurer Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy Device will allow you to treat any area of the body. Set this lamp to run for up to 15 minutes and it will then cut-off so it doesn’t overheat. It needs to be set up at a distance of 12-16 inches away from the body.

With a nanometer (nm) rate set between 500-2500, this will provide all the treatment you need.

Warm-up those capillaries to:

  • Improve circulation.
  • Ease muscle pain.
  • Clear bronchial congestion.
  • Rid yourself of toxins that cause inflammation.

Use the two side handles to adjust the lamp into the correct position, so you benefit from the infrared waves.

The Beurer Infrared Therapy Lamp gives safe, drug-free, non-invasive natural pain management. It’s hard to beat that!

This unit is extremely popular and well-received on Amazon, and has a huge number of glowing reviews.

Accessories: Dermapeel Eye Goggles

Just as you shouldn’t look directly at the sun, nor should you look directly at your infrared lamp. The bulbs are quite strong and overexposure of looking into them may damage your retina. Some users wear specialist goggles for their sessions.

No products found.
  • Block all wavelengths between 190-2000nm.
  • Elastic headband to fit all head sizes.
  • These glasses are also perfect for tanning booths with a high bridge for the nose. They also make the perfect eye shield for infrared lamps too.


Infrared therapy is safe for the human body, so long as you use it in moderation. We catch infrared radiation every time we’re in the sunshine, so we can withstand a certain amount. Though “far” infrared is the safest type of infrared energy for a heat lamp. Just as you wouldn’t sit out in the sun’s heat for too long, neither should you sit under an infrared lamp for too long. Half an hour should be the longest of any session. If your lamp doesn’t have a timer, don’t fall asleep when using it. Set an alarm on your clock or phone.

FIR infrared is proving to be a promising treatment for all the conditions we’ve mentioned throughout our article. This is a safe alternative to taking drugs. Though you can use it quite safely and effectively, along with prescribed medication. If your doctor has prescribed a certain medication, don’t stop taking it without medical advice.

There are no side effects with FIR infrared treatment. Only improved pain management. That’s got to be worth it!