Why Do Foot Massages Hurt Sometimes? Foot Massage Techniques Explained!

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Do you love the idea of having someone, whether it’s a therapist or a partner, give you a foot massage? It can feel so good! You can relax and help release the tension you’ve built up throughout the day.

But maybe your feet are sensitive. And the last time you had a foot massage, it hurt like hell. This discomfort can put you off having another foot massage. The pain may have caused you to become even more anxious.

So, why do foot massages hurt so much sometimes? In this article, we’ll explain!

Why Do Foot Massages Hurt Sometimes?

There are two types of foot massages (not including mechanical foot spas and massagers). The first is the kind of foot massage you’d get from a partner or friend. One that just gives your feet a good rub, using gentle strokes and movement.

And unless you have sensitive or ticklish feet, most people find this type of foot massage quite pleasant.

And then there’s the reflexology foot massage. Which again, if your feet are extra sensitive, you might feel like isn’t that relaxing at all.

Yet, reflexology foot massage can be beneficial to anyone. You shouldn’t have to suffer while you’re having a session.

Reflexology foot massage can be extremely beneficial to anyone, and you shouldn’t have to suffer while you’re having a session.

Reflexology, which can also be done on the hands and ears, is an alternative therapy that was used even by the Ancient Egyptians. There are even hieroglyphics that show reflexology being administered to patients.

This is therapeutic practice would be especially beneficial to you if you suffer from things like anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, headaches, digestive issues, and even period cramps.

Yes, it may cause you to feel some discomfort during the session. But if you talk to your therapist beforehand, they should be able to reassure you how reflexology foot massage works. It can help heal many body functions, including chronic pain.

That’s because reflexology foot massages work by first calming down the nervous system, which is something that we all need after the past couple of years we’ve endured.

It’s like anti-anxiety meditation in a massage format.

Reflexology foot massages also help to increase your blood flow to stimulate oxygen production, which reduces pain and balances your body’s systems in a non-invasive way.

The Reflex

If you’ve ever decided to have a foot massage administered at a Chinese massage parlor, and wince at the memory of the cramps you endured after having a wooden stick shoved into your foot, then yes, that was a form of reflexology.

Reflexology foot massage works by breaking down acid crystals that build up in the blood vessels of your feet, which correspond to the parts of your body mapped out in your foot.

So, for example, if you get sinus headaches, then there’s a certain area in the middle of your toes where you would feel this crystal buildup.

The breakdown of these crystals is what can cause pain while you’re having a session. Although with the right therapist, this discomfort isn’t a guaranteed outcome — and you don’t need a wooden stick to benefit from the results.

If you get a reflexology foot massage done at your local salon, ask for a therapist who has been trained in this particular practice. They will understand that you don’t need to endure excruciating pain to benefit from having a reflexology foot massage.

Try A Little Tenderness

Everyone’s feet need a little extra TLC because most of the time we walk around on our feet without even noticing that we’re doing so. Our feet come under so much pressure — just think of that pair of ill-fitting shoes you love to wear, and how tired and achy your feet feel for days afterward.

Generally, we only pay attention to things when they start hurting. Regular reflexology foot massage will give your feet the attention they deserve, and also work to bring more balance to your body. It should also help keep anxiety and other unsettling conditions at bay.

Regular reflexology foot massage will give your feet the attention they deserve, and also work to bring more balance to your body.

Reflexology foot massage can even be done on babies! And a good therapist wouldn’t dare to hurt a baby’s feet. Therefore, if the pain you feel during a reflexology foot massage is too much, just ask the therapist to ease the pressure.

Your session should be a pleasant experience, not a painful one.

So, if you ever questioned why foot massages hurt, now you know the reasons they do. However, you also understand that with the right therapist, you can enjoy the benefits of reflexology foot massage without the need to endure unnecessary pain and discomfort.