Does Incense Keep Bugs Away? Can Incense Sticks Repel Mosquitoes?

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Do you have unwanted bugs in your home or on your patio that you want to get rid of or keep away?

There are a variety of products now available that supposedly help you drive them away. There are citronella candles, bug sprays, Thermacells, and more.

But for an alternative and more pleasant way to keep mosquitoes away, try using incense! 

So does incense keep bugs away? The answer here is yes, some types of incense can help keep bugs and mosquitoes away, but not all do. There are specific scents that work best for this, including citronella, lavender, and eucalyptus incense. 

It is important to choose the right incense scent to help keep the bugs away. Regardless, burning incense to keep bugs away will help improve the overall space because of the great scent they produce. 

I’ll go into detail below.

Does Incense Keep Bugs Away?

No one wants their home or space infested with bugs! They are annoying, creep people out, and can spread diseases if they bite you. Those are very good reasons to look for ways to keep bugs away. 

The good news is that many types of incense can help keep bugs away. There are different incense sticks that you can buy that are marketed specifically to repel bugs. They come in various sizes, including some large options that can be used outdoors. 

The smoke produced by the incense is what could help drive the insects away. Typically, the bugs avoid the smoke. 

However, some incense may work better than others, depending on what it’s made of. Apart from the smoke itself, the bugs don’t like the scent produced so they will avoid it.

How Does Incense Work to Repel Insects?

Even in the olden days, the smoke has been highly used to keep bugs away. It is a traditional way to drive out mosquitoes and other bugs. Some even think that smoking tobacco was immensely popular because it was believed that it was able to keep the bugs away, too. 

The bugs are afraid of the smoke.

That’s because the smoke could mean heat which could signify danger to the bugs. Bugs often avoid smoke from other sources. Perhaps that is why pinon wood works so well against mosquitoes. 

As for incense smoke, it is not only the smoke that keeps the bugs away. There are natural scents and other chemicals that can be mixed in the incense to help repel the pesky bugs. 

In this way, the bugs avoid the incense not only due to the smoke it produces but due to the scent it produces as well. Some bugs are sensitive to different incense scents. 

During the old times, people would use palm tree leaves and light them to keep the bugs away. Nowadays, with the technology we have, it is easier to light up an incense stick to help drive the bugs away. 

The incense stick is often created to be long-lasting so that you can use them much longer, especially when you are outdoors. Using incense is a great alternative compared to using other toxic chemicals that don’t just harm the bugs, but also people. 

The good thing about incense sticks is that they are natural insect repellents. Although the incense may not be able to kill the insects, it can help make the space more comfortable for you because the bugs will fly away from your location. 

Incense Sticks That Smell Nice and Keep Bugs Away

There are a few popular scents that are natural mosquito repellents. They are as follows: 


Citronella Incense

One of the most popular scents known to help drive off mosquitoes and other insects is Hem Citronella Incense Sticks, 120 Count . Citronella essential oil, which is mixed with incense, is one of the most effective insect repellents, especially for mosquitoes.

However, it is great for other insects as well. 

Aside from being created into incense, the citronella oil can be mixed with other products to create bug repellents. They could be added to bug sprays and scented candles for the same use.


Peppermint Incense

Another great insect repellant is peppermint. Although this scent isn’t as effective as citronella, it could still help deter bugs like mosquitoes. Many people love this more than citronella because they prefer this scent.


Peppermint Incense

HEM Lavender Incense Sticks Pack Of 120 | Natural Relaxing | Aromatherapy Incense For Air Purifier,...  is a popular scent that many people love because of its floral and fruity scent. Although people love the smell of lavender, insects don’t. They will usually go away when you burn incense with this scent. 

Even if you don’t burn lavender incense and just plant lavender in your backyard, you can help keep the bugs away. The scent of the lavender is too much for the bugs even if you can’t smell it. 


Eucalyptus Incense

Another strong mosquito repellant is eucalyptus incense. It is potentially better than citronella when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away.

Bug Repellent Incense

Mosquito repellent Incense

Incense sticks can be used for a variety of reasons. If your main reason is to help drive away bugs, some brands create specific ”mosquito  for it. This may use a combination of scents that help keep bugs away. 

Does Incense Work As Mosquito Repellent?

Different types of bugs could ruin your outdoor experience or your indoor comfort. The mosquitoes are annoying as they bite you and produce itchiness. 

One of the things that you can do to help repel the mosquitoes is to light up incense. Incense can certainly repel mosquitoes because they hate how the incense smells. That said, depending on your circumstances, you may still need to use bug spray including DEET for full protection against mosquitoes.