Unintentional Erection During a Massage, What Should You Do?

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Unintentional erection is a common occurrence many men experience during massage therapy.

As massage therapists work their way from one body part to another. And, they are likely to touch erogenous zones that may cause an erection.

But it’s obviously pretty embarrassing! What do you do if you have an erection during a massage?

Erection is a physiological response to touch and is common with many men at spas. So if you were to develop a boner during a massage, it is nothing to be ashamed of! It happens all the time.

All you need to do is relax during the body massage, and the erection will subside. And you may want to apologize to your massage therapist.

Unintentional Erection During a Massage Is Normal

Experts claim that touching a body part during a therapeutic massage can activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This can cause the man to experience a full or partial erection. It can even lead to unintentional ejaculation!

While this may be an uncomfortable experience, more experienced therapists know how to handle themselves when it happens. This is because they understand that an erection doesn’t always translate to sexual desire. Nor is intentional on the part of the client while on the massage table.

While this may be an uncomfortable experience, more experienced therapists know how to handle themselves when it happens.

Also, note that arousal can occur in women just like men. The only difference is in female arousal is not visible since women do not have erections as men do.

Despite this biological fact, many men shy from having a therapeutic massage for fear of embarrassment. They will feel embarrassed should they become erect, and this is understandable.

This is where comfort-based therapies and the maturity and confidence of the massage therapist comes in. Addressing the client’s discomfort is something the massage therapist has to handle immediately.

How Experienced Massage Therapists Address Client Erections

Before we proceed, we must draw a clear distinction between an erotic massage or (erotic-ish massage like Nuru Massage) that can cause sexual arousal, and a standard massage.

An erotic massage is meant to arouse the patient, create tension, and then release. This is far different from what most spas offer.

Most professional massage therapists don’t offer erotic massage therapy, and they will be offended by the idea if a client makes such a request.

So how do professional massage therapists handle a situation where the client has an erection due to the massage? This is crucial if this is the first time the client is coming for a massage without prior experience.

Before we review the steps to be taken, we need to address why an erection is not ideal for the progress of the session.

Awkward Discomfort

If the client becomes uncomfortable due to having an erection, the session will not flow as it should. The massage therapist will not be able to access the pressure point to flex the muscles.

With that being said, if the client shows no embarrassment due to the erection, the massage therapist May not want to mention it. Just continue with the massage as if it is not happening, and it may well go away.

If the client begins to exhibit facial expressions and tension, the massage therapist has to stop the session. At that point, it may be wise to take a break from the massage for a few minutes and let everything calm down.

What To Do About Unintentional Erection During Massage

Now let’s get into details.

When a client has a boner, it is normal for massage therapists to feel uncomfortable. Many of may conclude that the man must be thinking about having intercourse with the therapist, but this is not always the case.

Some clients will simply be aroused by the massage and the intense stimulation. For others, it is just a natural reaction to the direct touch on their skin. Particular areas like their inner thighs, armpits, feet, and buttocks.

But what should you do about it if the erection becomes more pronounced?

1. Stop The Session

The first thing you should do is stop the session immediately. Experienced massage professionals know what to do. But the inexperienced ones may be in a state of confusion. If you are not so experienced, stop the session and let the client relax before you continue.

The decision to stop will give the client enough time to relax, and your action will send the right signal. It’s like saying to him in unspoken words, “GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF.”

The decision to stop will give the client enough time to relax, and your action will send the right signal. It’s like saying to him in unspoken words, “GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF.”

2. Speak About It

If stopping temporarily does not address the situation, stop once again and back off. Speak to the client by making eye contact and maintain an assertive posture. Don’t raise your voice or touch them, as this will be interpreted as aggression.

But, don’t speak with a low voice as they may interpret this as passivity.

In the worst-case scenarios, if the client is beginning to show signs of aggression, end the session. Then make for the exit door immediately.

3. Describe The Situation

Assuming the client doesn’t act aggressively. But is as embarrassed as you. Describe the behavior but don’t make a judgment but seek to decide whether he has a sexual intent. Asking questions like

“Why are you erect?”

It will send the wrong message and sour his mood. Rather than be accusatory, let the client know that you have noticed. Let him know that he is tensed anytime you touch a certain area.

Then ask him what he feels, even though you already have an idea. This question is important. As it will force the client to clarify his intention without making any judgment call on his own.

The client will then state what they are experiencing. From their answer, you can tell what is running through their mind. Attempting to answer the question for the client is a wrong move.

Rather wait if you have to and let them say what’s on their mind. This is so you can gauge their mental state and decide their true intention. Their reply will give you an accurate assessment of the situation.

Perhaps, their parasympathetic nervous system or sympathetic nervous system caused the reaction.


Unintentional erection during massage is normal and is not necessarily sexual in nature.

That is why massage therapists educate first-time clients before they step into the massage room.

They should also understand that the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system is hard to control. Healthy communication is key. And handling the situation with tact and maturity is vital for a successful session.