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Does Incense Smell Go Away? How Long Does it Take?

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We’ve all been in a house or shop where the incense smell permeates everything. It can feel oppressive and intense, musty, and unpleasant.

Does incense smell go away? How long does incense smell last? This article will look at how long the incense smell lasts, and It will also describe some of the products that are relevant to this topic. 

Since scents contribute to the creation of an atmosphere, they may also not always feel appropriate.

After reading this article, anyone who likes to burn incense should have a good understanding of what to expect from burning incense, as well as whether and how long incense aromas last.

Does Incense Smell Go Away? The Short Answer

To the question of does incense smell go away: simply put, the answer is yes. The incense smell will certainly go away, though it may take some time to dissipate completely. 

People who don’t want the smell to linger in their home might want to burn it outside or in another building. That’s because the smell can often last 24 hours after being put out!

But eventually, the smell does go away. 

Incense smell will not stay in clothing or furniture if incense is burned in a given space only occasionally.

Moreover, well-ventilated spaces should not hold the smell of incense for any longer than 12-15 hours. 

Does Incense Smell Go Away? The Explanation 

Incense smoke is fairly thick and produces a somewhat strong smell in high concentrations. That’s why some level of dissipation is a good idea for incense smoke.

And of course, some ventilation, like an open window or door, should be provided if the user is burning incense indoors. 

While the smoke is not typically considered to give clothing or furniture its odor instantly, smoke lingering in a poorly ventilated space will be more likely to give the object within that space its smell. 

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Moreover, some incense scents are stronger and linger longer than others. For instance, sandalwood or frankincense is stronger than lighter herbal aromas like mint.  

Product Information 

Many incense consumers are looking for aromas that are natural-smelling so they wouldn’t mind having the scent linger. 

For such users, it would be a good idea to stay away from incense with synthetic ingredients or chemicals. It can be a challenge to do that, though. Some manufacturers like to present themselves as natural incense makers, but it’s not always clear if that’s true!

Stick to high-quality incense brands whenever possible.

Sham’s natural wood incense sticks are very popular, for instance. These sticks are also free of charcoal and create beautiful floral and herbal scents. 

Moreover, Folkulture's stick incense holder  is a simple and easy-to-use burner. These holders are helpful for disposing of ash, which can hold an odor that might make the incense smell linger. 

They are also well designed, portable, and durable. 

A small fan like this tabletop one from Genesis Designs  can also help keep away lingering incense smells.

Placing it near an open window could help ventilate a space where incense is being burned so its scent does not linger for too long.


Burning incense is a relaxing experience, and anxiety over whether the smell or linger should not get in the way of anyone’s enjoyment of the activity. Thus it is lucky that most incense smells go away after a maximum of 24 hours. 

Having ventilation in the form of a fan or open window will reduce this dissipation time quite a lot. A well-ventilated room can be scent-free in 4 to 6 hours after putting out a burning incense stick. 

However, for users who are still worried about the smell lingering for too long in their home, it can also be pleasant to burn incense outside at a park or in a yard, for instance.

After reading this article, any incense user should understand their options for clearing away the incense smell. 

After learning how to manage their ventilation and how much incense they burn, users should be able to keep away any unwanted residual smell.