How To Clean Essential Oil Residue

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Some people are obsessed with the health benefits of essential oils, while others simply enjoy the smell of essential oils in the same way they enjoy candles.

Some add oils to vegetable oils, lotions, and bath gels. Others inhale them, diffuse them, nebulize them, clean with them, or soak in them.

No matter how you use the oils, they will coat your diffuser. In this article, we’ll discuss How To Clean Essential Oil Residue.

We’ve put together three simple methods for cleaning your essential oil diffuser, humidifier, or other emitter. You’ll be confident your diffuser, humidifier, or vaporizer is working well.

How To Clean Essential Oil Residue

The proper operation of your essential oil diffusers needs regular maintenance. These oils do build up over time, and need to be regularly cleaned.

Essential oil residue will accumulate in the water tank’s bottom and on the oscillator.

The oscillator disc is the little spherical plate at the end of the diffuser that is generally in a hole. The oscillator vibrates extremely quickly when the diffuser is turned on.

This vibration causes the mist or steam that leaves the diffuser. As essential oils accumulate on the disc, your diffuser may stop operating completely, or it may start making noise!

How Your Essential Oil Diffuser or Humidifier Is Cleaned

Now that it is understood why we need to clean our essential oil diffusers and humidifiers. We’ll go through two methods to deep clean the oscillator plate and water tank.

Method 1: Clean Your Diffuser or Humidifier

Steps to follow:

  1. Remove the diffuser from the outlet and empty the tank of any remaining water or oil
  2. Fill the water reservoir up to the top.
  3. Put a teaspoon of refined white vinegar
  4. Operate the diffuser for a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes or a cycle.
  5. Empty the reservoir and then wipe it out. Use a sponge, cotton swab, paper towel, or soft cloth.
  6. To clean the vibration plate, use a Q-tip or a cotton swab. Clean the surrounding oscillator gently to clean any residue that has accumulated.
  7. Clean the plate with a cotton swab dipped in the diffuser.
  8. After rinsing it with clean water, let it dru before use

This method is the best way to clean your diffuser, humidifier, nebulizer, etc. Vinegar works well and is safe, though it can be kinda stinky for a little while after the cleaning process.

Regardless, it will aid in the removal of old or unwanted essential oils and odors.

If you’re changing between seasonal diffuser blends, these changes are a good time to wash your diffuser for essential oils! Clean your lemon verbena residue before loading it up with cinnamon and allspice!

Method 2: Clean The Ultrasonic Plate and Your Diffusers

Steps to follow for cleaning ultrasonic plate:

  1. Pour any remaining water down the drain.
  2. Add water in your diffuser to the fill line and fill it with water.
  3. Fill the water reservoir with a No products found..
  4. For one cycle, switch on your diffuser.
  5. Wipe clean the interior of the diffuser and empty any excess water. Remember to wipe the vibrating disc thoroughly!
  6. Utilize your diffuser as normal after rinsing. Easy!

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Method 3: Clean The Ultrasonic Diffuser With Rubbing Alcohol

Steps to follow:

  1. Pour the old water down the drain.
  2. You should add rubbing alcohol to your diffuser.
  3. Allow your diffuser to rest for many hours or overnight.
  4. Empty the rubbing alcohol bottle.
  5. Using a gentle cloth, clean the interior of the diffuser.
  6. Clean the vibration disc at clean a unit every time you switch scents. and at least once a month to utilize your diffuser as normal after rinsing. Simple!

How Essential Oil Diffuser Covers Are Cleaned

Usually, the best way to go is to soak the cover in either vinegar or rubbing alcohol to clear off any residue. A 15-minute soak followed by a towel dry will get your cover looking great once again.

Just be aware that the vinegar or alcohol could damage any logos, stickers, or front panel designs.


It’s a good idea to clean your essential oil diffuser or humidifier every time you switch scents, particularly if you’ve been using the same scent for a while. And if you stick with the same oil over and over, clean your residue every season.

By regularly cleaning off any essential oil residue from your systems, you’ll ensure your device will work well and smell great for years to come!

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