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How To Put Out Incense Safely

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Burning incense and enjoying the soothing aromas they produce can be extremely rewarding. Incense provides demonstrated aromatherapeutic benefits. Extinguishing burning incense, on the other hand, is not as much fun!

And not all incense users know how to put it out at all. 

In this article, we’re going to look at how to put out incense.

Being able to do this is helpful since some people don’t burn entire incense sticks or cones at once. Snuffing one out and saving partially used incense sticks and cones for later is an excellent money-saving technique. 

This article will lead readers through the necessary steps of safely putting out both incense cones and sticks. It will also discuss common questions related to putting out incense.

Extinguishing incense cones and sticks should be easy after reading this article. 

How To Put Out Incense Cones

The most effective way to extinguish burning incense cones is by dousing them with water. This will ensure that all the incense that was burning is thoroughly extinguished. Users can also break off only the burning part from the rest of the cone and drop it in water. 

This will allow them to preserve the rest of the cone. Dropping the whole thing in water would make it completely unable to burn. Below are the separate steps needed to put out incense cones. 

  1. Using tongs or other tool, remove incense cone from any burner device or holder
  2. Drop the cone in a metal bowl of water, or alternatively, cut or knock off the burning part of the cone and drop that only in water.
  3. Dispose of cone 

How To Put Out Incense Sticks

Incense sticks can be put out in similar ways to cones. The entire thing can either be dropped in water or doused with it, or only the burning/burnt part can be broken off and dropped in water. 

This can be done with scissors or pliers and allows for the rest of the stick to be used later. Below are the steps necessary to put out an incense stick. 

  1. Remove burning incense stick from stand or holder and angle downwards to ensure ash doesn’t fall onto your arm or onto anything flammable
  2. Drop whole stick in water, or alternatively cut off burnt part of stick and drop only that in water
  3. Dispose of burnt part of stick, but keep any unburnt part that was not submerged in water

Alternative Methods

Some people lick their fingers and pinch incense sticks to put them out. While this method is sometimes effective, it is not as dependable as dousing burning sticks.

And can be painful. And it could leave the stick smoldering, and cause it to reignite after you’ve left the area.

Moreover, it is not as effective with cones. 

Sand has also been used with both cones and sticks, but this technique is somewhat messy, especially if users are trying to preserve the unburnt incense. 

Related Questions 

Many people who use incense ask the same set of questions about them, including how to put them out. Below are answered other similar questions related to burning and extinguishing incense. 

Can Incense Be Left Out? 

Lots of consumers, in addition to asking how to put out incense, wonder whether it is safe to leave extinguished or dry incense out in their holder or burner. 

Generally this is not recommended unless these places are themselves stored in a cool, dry place away from any heat source. The best storage practice for incense is to keep it in some sort of packaging in a cool cupboard or shelf away from heat. 

Why Is Incense Bad For You?

Consumers have also widely asked about health concerns regarding the burning of incense. There have been findings from the EPA and other health agencies that suggest incense smoke can worsen asthma or cause other types of lung irritation. 

That’s why incense should only be burned In limited amounts, and shouldn’t be used by people with serious asthma or other lung problems. 

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How Long Does Incense Smell Last?

The aromas produced by burning incense can linger anywhere from 1 to 24 hours, depending on the ventilation of the space where it has been used, and how much has been used.

But even in a well-ventilated room, the smell can still linger noticeably for most of a day. 


Incense is a great aromatherapy product that can help users relax with pleasant scents. It is even better once users know how to put burning incense out, and even how to preserve the unburnt portions. 

Doing this with either burning incense cones or sticks is easy, and only takes a few steps. After reading this article anyone should be able to extinguish incense as they please. They will love the added convenience this capability provides.