What Is Dragon’s Blood Incense Used For?

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What is Dragon’s blood incense used for across different cultures?

It is used to:

  • Attract positive energy
  • Boost mental alertness
  • To have the coolest-sounding incense on the block

And so much more! This article throws more light on Dragon’s Blood uses, so keep reading.

Incenses come in different varieties, and one of the most famous of them all is Dragon’s blood. Along with frankincense and the other Catholic incense ingredients, Dragon’s blood incense is one of the most well-known types of incense available.

This incense is made from a natural resin plant called Dragons blood. An odd name, right! It is layered in deep meaning.

Dragon’s Blood gets its name due to the red blood-like color of its resin. Let’s take a closer look — don’t get burned!

The Dragon’s Blood Tree

Dracaena Draco Tree Source: Wikipedia

No one can tell where the name came from, exactly. The herb is extracted from a special tree species called dragon trees. These trees belong to the botanic family of Dracaena, Daemonorops, and Pterocarpus. Of all the subgroups in the family, the Daemonorops and the Dracaena species are the most common.

The dragon’s blood tree has existed for millennia. It is found in the Arabian desert, China, and parts of India. But its use has spread far as there are historical records that ancient Greeks and Romans used it too.

Dragon’s blood herbs are used for different purposes. It is used for health and wellness, to produce dye and paint, or to make incense. The herbs are also used for certain spiritual purposes.

With a sweet fragrance, burning dragon’s blood incense creates a unique ambiance unlike any you have ever experienced!

Dragon’s blood herbs are used for different purposes. It is used for health and wellness, to produce dye and paint, or to make incense.

What is Dragon’s Blood Incense Used For?

1. As Incense For Spiritual Purposes

The earliest form of use of Dragons blood herb was for religious practices with deep cultural significance. Different cultures encourage burning dragon’s blood and oil-dried leaves as incense. It is an ever-present ingredient in Wiccan, Voodoo, Shamanist, and hoodoo practices.

Many other ancient religious practices passed down to the modern generation still use Dragon blood incense. Adherents believe that taking Dragon’s blood resin can be used to

  • Make a medicine potent
  • Activate positive energies
  • To cleanse a space and ward off evil
  • Cast spells

2. As Incense For Improving Ambience

But not everyone who burns Dragon’s blood or uses dragon’s blood oil does so for spiritual purposes. Many modern-day users with no connection to religious rituals do so to improve the ambiance of their homes.

The fragrance of the Dragon’s blood is both mesmerizing and captivating. It is quite different from many other fragrances, and when it is burnt, the fragrance can remain in the room for a significant period.

The fragrance of the Dragon’s blood is both mesmerizing and captivating. It is quite different from many other fragrances, and when it is burnt, the fragrance can remain in the room for a significant period

Besides the use of Dragon’s blood as incense, it is also used in some paint products because of its bold, red color as well as varnishes, paints, and dyes.

Purify Your Home With Dragon’s Blood Incense

You can purify your home with Dragon’s blood incense. Due to its numerous fragrance notes, anyone who visits you will wonder why your home smells so nice! They will be unable to tell what incense you are burning unless they know about Dragon’s Blood themselves.

The incense has vanilla, spices, and amber notes along with a musky and floral undertone.

You can also burn it to boost your meditation and prayer sessions at any time of the day. You can even detox your body so you can sleep well at night.

Herbal Use of Dragon’s Blood

As we pointed out, there are many uses for Dragon’s blood herbs. Having existed for centuries, man has found different uses for it. In some cultures, it is commonly used to cure indigestion. It was even regarded as an almighty herb for curing all types of ailments due to its powerful properties (I mean just look at the name!)

Dragons’ Blood can also speed up wound healing, and it can also mitigate some respiratory issues. This best explains why many experts are not against people burning incense form. Many find that it does not cause respiration difficulties.

Today, it is no longer regarded as an all-purpose curative herb. But it still has many herbal and modern medicinal uses.

Benefits Of Dragon’s Blood Use

There are several medical benefits of using Dragon’s blood. Here are some health-boosting benefits of Dragon’s blood natural plant resin.

1. Ulcer Treatment

Some have had success using dragon’s blood to treat ulcers, though the scientific data is inconclusive. There are arguments in favor of Dragon’s blood being a very effective cure for ulcers. Using it as a topical application relieves bedsores and pressure ulcers.

The Daemonorops species from the middle east, in particular, is effective in relieving ulcer pressures.

Mixing this herb with other ingredients in an ointment can help people suffering from topical and diabetic ulcers.

3. Work As An Antimicrobial

Did you know that Dragon’s blood can be effective as an antimicrobial? It protects the immune system from viruses, pathogens, and bacteria and may even kill the pathogens in the early stages before they grow and begin to affect health.

The properties of Dracaena cinnabari can also be used to preserve food. However, despite its antimicrobial properties, it should not be used in place of antibiotics.

4. Anti-diarrheal Use

In ancient times, Dragon’s blood incense was used to cure indigestion. This is because it has digestive health enzymes. Today, research shows that this remains the case. The natural red resin can be used to treat dysentery and diarrhea. While eliminating pathogens that trigger indigestion.

5. Anti-inflammatory solution

This herb has anti-inflammatory properties that can be tapped either in incense form or oral form. Inhaling the fragrance can address respiratory concerns such as inflamed tonsils while consuming it in supplement form can serve as an anti-oxidant.

6. Antidiabetic Properties

Although research is still ongoing, there are promising signs that Dragon’s blood can be used to support the treatment of diabetes or at least prevent it. As more studies are conducted, there is a possibility that new uses for it will be discovered to benefit humankind.


The many benefits of Dragon’s blood make it one of the most valuable plants ever bestowed on man. It also has the coolest name of any plant, and a scent and power to match!

So ignite some dragon’s blood to get yourself into a purified, powerful mindset.

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