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How to Make Kava: The Definitive Guide

For thousands of years, Kava has been consumed across the south pacific. Typically, this consumption would have been of fresh Kava that had been harvested very recently. With the invasion of modernity and the commercialization of Kava across the world, Kava has been dried and ground up for international consumption. The methods of preparation have changed as well, and depending on the type of kava chosen and the preparation equipment used, there are several different paths you can take to get the most potent kava you can.

This article outlines several different preparation methods and explains how to make kava in a variety of ways.


What’s Up with the Kava Hangover?

Some who have enjoyed the pleasant vibes of Kava root a little too much have awakened the next day to find that physical and mental effects are still present. These lethargic, foggy effects are commonly known as the “kava hangover”. A kava hangover feels totally different than an alcohol hangover and is usually much less negative. But it can make you feel slow and low.

This article explores the causes, symptoms, impacts, and details of the kava hangover. And of course, we discuss how to get rid of the hangover!

Kava Hangover Source: Flickr
Kava Hangover Source: Flickr


Best Singing Bowl for Yoga and Meditation

Singing Bowls are beautiful instruments, works for art, and objects to bring focus to those doing yoga, meditation, and the like. These bowls are played by running a wooden mallet around the lip of the bowl, producing a resonant, ringing tone that helps calm the mind and bring serenity.

After looking at several top singing bowls available online, I’ve found that the best is the Thamelmart Tibetan-Style Singing Bowl.

Best Singing Bowl

Thamelmart 6

The Thamelmart 6″ Tibetan-style singing bowl [Amazon Link] is the best singing bowl for many looking for a pure, resonant tone with handmade Nepali quality.

These bowls are made by hand in Nepal of seven metals, and the set includes a pillow and wooden striker wand. They are loud, pure-toned, beautiful, and quite calming. They are an excellent choice for a meditation bowl, and are easily available to buy online.

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For a complete review of the Thamelmart 6″ hand-hammered bowl, see below.

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Wakacon Kava Review: Lawena Kava

Wakacon Kava is one of the most ubiquitous brands of Kava available online, primarily due to the fact that it is sold on (at a good price, too!). Wakacon sells two types of Kava, the Fijian Waka [Amazon Link] and Fijian Lawena [Amazon Link]. Both of these Kavas are of the traditional variety, and made up of ground roots, which are made into a tea, and traditionally strained through a strainer bag or other straining method, and then drank.

In this article, I will do a Wakacon Kava Review, specifically of the Fijian Lawena, look closely at this type of Kava, identify its effects, consider who it is good for, and whether or not it is worth purchasing.

Wakacon Kava Review Fijian Lawena Bag
Wakacon Kava Review Fijian Lawena Bag

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Herb Pharm Kava Review Root Extract

Herb Pharm Kava root extract [Amazon Link] is one of the more popular kava root extracts available on the market today. It is made from kava root (piper methysticum) sourced in Vanuatu from plants aged 4-8 years old. The kava is extracted, using organic cane alcohol, into a format that can be imbibed with a simple dropper system from a bottle.

It advertised as “calming and stabilizing”, which is a set of effects that Kava is certainly capable of providing. Herb Pharm Kava Extract is sold in health food stores, vitamin shops, department stores, Amazon, etc. What is this stuff, what is it made of, does it do anything, and is it worth buying?

In this article, I will take a close look at this extract and its effects, do a Herb Pharm Kava Review, and give my thoughts in the conclusion.

Herb Pharm Kava Kava Extract

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Kava Dermopathy – Everything you need to know

Kava kava root drinks have been enjoyed by humans throughout the South Pacific for thousands of years, with few noticeable side effects or annoying issues. One of the common unwanted side effects of kava is a certain type of itchy, rashy, scaly skin called Kava Dermopathy. Many users do not encounter this side effect (I personally have never had it), but it is not uncommon, and fortunately, it goes away fairly quickly upon cessation of kava use.

In this article, we will look in some detail as to what Kava Dermopathy is, what appears to cause it, and what to do if you find yourself with it.

Kava Dermopathy - Image Source: DermNet New Zealand
Kava Dermopathy – Image Source: DermNet New Zealand